Sunday, February 3, 2013

Generation 2, Chapter 1: Stop Being a Lazy Lump and Do Something Today!

I wanna thank Xur28 for gifting me the Distant Horizon Dress. I love it. ^_^

Growing up you get this crazy idea that being a teenager is all about going the coolest parties and dating the football star, but in reality it's nothing like that at all. I'm definitely not one of the popular kids so the only kind of parties I ever go to was my own birthday party. As for the boys, I'm okay looking but I don't show my stuff like the slutty girls do, so the boys don't even give me a glance.

I usually spend my weekends at home and my school nights doing homework. I barely leave the house because I don't really have anywhere to go. I don't have friends, besides Lindsey. Before Lindsey could only visit like once a month but when she got her license her parents let her use their car to come visit me anytime. We don't live that far apart really; just about an hour.

My family is okay really. I don't mind hanging with them all the time, even though I just mostly lay around in my room. My parents are cool though, but they look young for their age. Apparently they took some age freeze potion; whatever that is. My mom dyed her hair back to her original color, brown, it's weird though I'm not used to seeing her with any other color besides blonde. As for my dad he loves when I hang around the house, it just gives him the knowing feeling that I'm not running around with the boys. I just go to school and come home.

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm bored out of mind. I don't think I've left my room yet today, but what is there to do? I have no homework and I finished my chores for the day. I could sleep but I'm not tired, I could read but all the books on my shelf I've read already. I guess I could just go on my computer and watch some videos but I'm just too lazy. So now I'm back to just laying here on my bed and letting my mind wonder.

I lost my train of thought when I heard a meow. I looked down to see that Opal had somehow gotten into my room. I thought I closed my door. Oh well! I just watched her as she just walked around my room, observing my things from her point of view.

She doesn't say anything. She's just looking around, probably seeing what is so great in my room that I had to close my door. She'll soon see that there's nothing of interest in here and leave. Maybe she's looking for Storm.

"Storm is not in here Opal," I say out loud.

Meow! I'm not looking for Storm. Opal responds. She just looked up at my poster of a kitty thinking about grill cheese. I like your picture, human. My favorite picture in the whole house. I like looking at it.

I giggled at Opal and answered, "Well you're more than welcome to come look at it any time." Opal enjoys the picture a minute more before she thanks me and leaves my room. I sigh.

No one outside my house knows about my ability to understand animals. When I told my parents they were a little hesitant to believe me until they took me to see my aunt Maribel. After a few tests they learned my powers origin. Mom was pregnant with me when she had the universe travel mishap. It was really early in her pregnancy but she was pregnant. Because I was a vulnerable embryo the traveling had affected me. No one knows why I ended up with understanding animals from traveling universes, but I did and they think it could affect my kids too. That machine that broke was pretty powerful.

A gust of wind hit my leg and I noticed then that my door was still open. I was just about to get up and close it when my mom walked in. Apparently she took my open door as an invitation to come talk to me.

"Hey mom," I sigh, looking up at her.

"Hey sweetie," she responded as she walked into my room and made herself comfortable by leaning against my desk. She sighed and her eyes scanned my room a couple time before she looked back at me. "Sweetie why don't you go out today? It's such a nice day out."

I sigh in frustration. "But there's nothing to do. Hidden Springs is boring."

"Hidden Springs has a lot to offer. When I did the challenge your siblings loved getting out of the house and going to the park and lake and stuff like that." There she goes talking about that challenge of her's again. I swear she never stops mentioning it. I went and read her blog, I don't need to hear her talk about it all the time. "Why don't you go hang out with some friends? I bet they would love to see you."

"What friends, mom? I have all the friends I need here in this house."

"I mean human friends, honey. Opal doesn't count. Speaking of Opal, I just saw her leave. What did she say to you this time?"

"Mom because I can understand them doesn't mean they always talk to me and I talk to them. I mean come on."

She studied my face and for a second we had a starring contest. I broke our gaze quickly and sighed in defeat. "She wanted to look at my poster."

I rolled over and laid on my back. I could never win a starring contest with mom. It's like she knows when I'm hiding something or not telling her something.

"So are you gonna get up and go out or what?"

"Fine," I grunted, as I lazily lifted myself up to a seated position on my bed. Just then my door burst open and three little toddlers come running into my room, calling out to mom for help.

"MOMMY! Barret is chasing us. HELP!"

She laughed at my little siblings and told them to get on their way and go play somewhere else. Once they all left I turned the lights off in my room and left the house.

When I left the house I called Lindsey. I wasn't expecting, mostly hoping that she'd swing by Hidden Springs to hang out. I really didn't want to wonder around town doing nothing all by myself. I'd rather do nothing with my best friend. Luckily for me she just happened to be driving to Hidden Springs to make a surprise visit. She was just 5 minutes away when I called her. I told her to just meet me at the thrift shop and I headed down there myself. I thought I might as well see if they have anything worth buying. Maybe a book for more of my bored days.

I mostly ended up browsing through the clothes and checking myself out in the mirror. "How do I look?"

"You look great. I love the outfit."

Lindsey and I both laughed and goofed around while looking at more clothes the thrift shop had to offer.

That is until the front door bell ringed, letting everyone know that another costume has just walked in. I couldn't help but look through the mirror, while I was still browsing through the clothes, to try to get a glimpse of who walked in. I couldn't care less of who it was but I can't help when my curiosity gets peeked.

"Oh my god!" I gasped. Quickly covering my mouth when I realized how loud I was.

"What is it?" Lindsey asked as her eyes looked over to the costumer that just walked in. "Is that-?"

"Yes! That's Brock Baxter. The hottest guy in my school. The guy every girl swoons over, including me." I added that last part quickly.

"You mean that's the guy you were talking about? Him? Oh my!"

"I know! Isn't he a hunk?" I couldn't help but bite my lip as I watched him make his way over to the flower counter. Unlike the rest of the shop, the flowers they sold here weren't second hand.

"Oh my god. The way you described him on the phone, I never thought he was this gorgeous."

"I know and from what I heard around school he hasn't asked anyone to the prom yet, oh how I wish I could go to the prom with him. But that would never happen in a million years. I'm nothing like the girls he's into."

"What kind of girls is he into?"

"I don't know."

"Then how do you know you're not his type? You know what, why don't you asked him out?"

"Oh god no! I can't just walk up to him and say hi."

"Why not?"

"Well, um, because-"

"Go ask him."

Lindsey shoved me forward and I practicably almost rammed right into Brock, but luckily I caught myself before I did. Preventing myself from an embarrassing introduction.

"Um, hi... Brock," I stuttered. I tried to make eye contact with him which was hard because when I look him in the eyes I go speechless. "I'm Laura-"

"You're Laura-Jayne Starr. Yeah, I know. We have first and last period together and I think lunch, right?"

"Yeah!" Oh my gosh. He knows of my existence. "How'd you know?"

He chuckled and my heart melted. Why does he have to be so freaking gorgeous? And that laugh. I thought I was gonna get lightheaded.

"I'm not blind Laura. When there's a pretty girl in my class I take notice."

Pretty?! He thinks I'm pretty!

"You think I'm pretty?" Is all I managed to say. My face was turning a deep shade of red as Brock got closer to me.

"Yeah," he smiled. "Laura, you wanna go out sometime?"

"I would love to!" I responded quickly, maybe too quickly. Gosh I hope he didn't think I was desperate. You know what who cares. Brock Baxter just asked me out!

"Great. I'll pick you up tomorrow? That is if you don't have plans?"

"No tomorrow is great."

"Great see you then."


I could see Lindsey's face already, I didn't have to turn around to know that she heard everything and probably has one of those goofy grins on her face.  If she hadn't shoved me over to go talk to Brock he most likely would have never asked me out. I'm gonna end up owing Lindsey big time. But who cares I got a date with BROCK BAXTER! AHHH!!!

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  1. Oh my grandbaby has a date? I'm not sure I am liking that. She is too freaking cute.

    Loved this post.


    1. Lol! Yeah, a date! Hehe.
      Ikr! ^_^ So pretty!

    What a cute boy u got their LJ ;), aidey approves
    Can't wait for the next chapter, u did so well with the whole teenage emotions/thinking welldone
    xoxo aideybabes <3

    1. Glad you like it that much. Hehe! ^_^
      Not necessarily the talking to animals that will pass down but the possibility that her kids might get some sort of powers too.
      Haha! Yeah he was pretty cute wasn't he. ^_^ Dawn approves too. ;) Lol!
      Really? Thank you, Aidey! ^_^

  3. Generation two is full speed ahead!! :D

    My little Lindsey has a best friend!! :D I'm so happy their such good friend because it sort of links our legacies together!

    Great chapter Hailey.

    WAIT! What about LJ's friend from her childhood? ;___;

    1. Yay for generation 2!! :D

      And my little LJ has a best friend. Hehe! I love having Lindsey in my game. Her and LJ are gonna be the BFFs. ^_^

      Thank you!

      Jimmie? Don't worry Jimmie didn't disappear, he's in collage. :)

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