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Generation 1, Chapter 7: A Honeymoon on Waikiki Island

 WARNING: This post have some minor adult content. So if you can't handle some naked shoulders then I suggest you don't read. Other people, you were warned! 

This post is quite long due to picture over load. I tried my best to write little as possible so you don't have to read so much. I might have failed. :P 
The ride to Starlight Shores was quick and soon we stood in front of the large airport that held dozens of planes, one of which will take us to our destination. We quickly paid the taxi driver and headed inside to check in our bags. Afterwards, Newbie and I walked upstairs and to the part of the airport where it held our plane.
We were about to take our seats when Newbie said, "You go ahead take a seat, I'll be right back, just have to run to the men's room."
"Alright. You be quick you don't want to miss our plane. I would hate to have to take this trip without you."
"No we wouldn't want that."
We both laughed then I leaned over to give Newbie a quick kiss on the cheek before he left for the bathroom.
 I walked over to the seating area, where it's surprisingly empty. I guess not many people visit a small island like Waikiki. Instead of sitting I stood and stared out the window at the pouring rain that was coming down hard on the city of Starlight Shores.
 I began to wonder if the rain will delay the flight but if it was that bad wouldn't they announce it by now? Or maybe they'll wait to see if it'll lighten up. That question stuck in my head for five minutes before the voice of a woman came over the speaker.
"Flight 623 to Waikiki Island is now boarding."
 I began to turn around to see if I could find Newbie when a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around my waist and a pair of lips kissed my check. It nearly startled me before I realized it was Newbie.
"Hey babe, ready to go."
I smiled at him and said, "Yes, you ready?"
"Of course."
He let go of my waist and grabbed my hand and together we walked over to the airport employee and handed him our tickets before walking onto the plane.
 Just like the seating in the lobby, the plane was quite empty. I guess the trip to the island will be quiet compared to other planes filled with many families going on vacation or something.
Newbie went ahead of me looking for our seats and I slowly walked behind him. Seeing as there aren't many people I don't think matters where we sit.
"Found our seats sweet heart. First row," Newbie called out to me.
 It was a long 12 hour trip and I ended falling asleep half way through the flight. Newbie didn't seem to mind me using him as pillow though, later he fell asleep too with his arm wrapped around my shoulders.
 Our surprisingly nice sleep was ruined when we were awaken by the captain announcing that we have arrived at the island. I still managed to get my tired butt up and off the plane though. Newbie grabbed the luggage and we walked to the hotel across the street, were we will be staying, and check ourselves in. I was relieved and happy to finally get some sleep until I found out that the rooms were separate cabins spread across the island. More walking! -_-
 We found our cabin eventually, thankfully not too far from the main building. We unlocked the door and threw our bags on the couch and immediately crashed on the bed. Neither of us in the mood to start the honeymoon right away, maybe after a few hours of sleep.
 A few hours later I woke up. I checked the clock on the side table and saw it was one in the afternoon, looking behind me I found that Newbie was still asleep. I headed to the bathroom, deciding to let him have his sleep.

**3rd Person P.O.V**
 3 hours later Newbie had finally woke up, only to realize that he was alone on the double bed. Where was his wife? He was gonna find out as soon as he slipped into some clean clothes.
 After changing he walked outside and saw Dawn admiring the ocean view. She had spent most of her time outside, exploring their part of the island while Newbie had been sleeping.
Newbie silently walked up behind her hoping to surprise her from behind and it seemed to be working since she hadn't moved at all, much to engulfed in the beauty that the ocean offered.
 "Beautiful, just like you." Newbie wrapped his arms around Dawn's waste and gave her a quick kiss. Unlike before at the airport, she didn't jump when he did this. She had heard the door of the cabin open and close and knew Newbie would do something like this, he always does.
"Why thank you Mr. Starr. I'm very flattered," Dawn responded, smiling.
 "Well Mrs. Starr you ready to start our honeymoon," Newbie said seductively as he spun Dawn around to face him.
 "I don't know, I'm still waiting for my husband," Dawn smiled, caressing Newbie's cheek.
 Newbie chuckled.  Dawn smiled and then said, "I'll meet you inside."
 Newbie went inside and changed out of his clothes and replaced them with some long underwear that was decorated in flames. Dawn had done the same but had put on the lingerie that her bridesmaids had given her at her bridal shower. As she walked into the room and removed her robe, Newbie became wide eyed. He had expected to see her in her pj's, but never in a piece of clothing like this. He liked it, liked it A LOT.
 Not a word escaped either of their lips as Dawn crawled onto the bed with Newbie.
 They had a moment of just staring each other in the eyes before they started to make out and remove clothing.
 Once the clothes were removed, they laid down on the bed and made love. Something they hadn't done since Newbie joined her challenge, but back then they weren't in love like they were now.
 ...Later that night...

 The next day Newbie and Dawn enjoyed their day relaxing outside.
 Then the relaxing turned into goofing around. Newbie even pretended to almost throw Dawn in the water, which caused her scream.
 When the laughing died down, they shared a romantic moment.
"So when do wish to have kids again?", Newbie asked as Dawn pulled him closer for a kiss.
"Hmm, I don't know. I'm liking the me and you alone time. Maybe we can hold off on kids for a while."
Newbie leaned in for another kiss and then responded, "I think that's a good idea. I'm liking the alone time too."
 After a few more kisses Newbie started up the grill and cooked him and his wife a nice meal of grilled hot dogs, Dawn's favorite.
 "Dang it! Sorry hon, I burnt the food."
"Aw, it's alright. I like them well done."
They both laughed and Dawn walked over to give her hubby a kiss and a hug.
 Later on the sun began to set and the happy couple laid down in the sand and watched the sky go from blue to orange to black.
 That night Dawn slipped on another piece of lingerie she had bought herself for the honeymoon. It's not as relieving as the other one but it caused another jaw drop from Newbie.
"You gonna wear something god damn sexy every night?"
"Why? You like what you see?"
 As a response to Dawn's question, Newbie pushed Dawn against the wall and started kissing her. Then.... 

9 days later...
 Dawn and Newbie decided to explore some of the island. So far they've spent their entire honeymoon by their cabin and enjoying the ocean view, but it was time for a new view. They walked the path that led off the beach and farther into the island.
"Newbie, what in the world are you wearing?", Dawn asked when she noticed the shirt Newbie had on.
"It's my vacation shirt."
Dawn laughed, "You look silly. Take it off or I'll take it off myself."
"Take my shirt off and I'll take yours off."
"Oh you would like that wouldn't you?"
"I don't know, maybe, take it off and we'll see."
"Yeah well you're not taking mine off."
 Newbie began to playfully chase Dawn and go for her shirt, she laughed and made a bolt down the path.
Newbie started after her, chasing her down the path to who knows where.
 Dawn was fast but not fast enough, Newbie caught up with her a quarter of a mile down the path. He grabbed her and flung her over his shoulders. Both laughing uncontrollably as he carried her off the path and towards a small little waterfall nearby.
 He placed her back on the ground and the laughing turned into kissing.
 "Oh look Fallon a honeymoon couple," said a woman just a few yards away. She and her husband had been out walking as well when they came across Dawn and Newbie.
"How cute. Let's give them some alone time."
"Oh come on, let's say hi."
"Rachel! Why do insist on meeting everyone?"
"Then how are we suppose to make friends? Come on!"
 Rachel walked up to Dawn with her husband right behind her. Dawn and Newbie had just finished kissing when the cheerful woman introduced herself.
"Why hello, I'm Rachel Park and this is my husband, Fallon. Are you honeymooning on this island?"
"I'm Dawn and this my husband Newbie Starr and yeah we're on our honeymoon. Are you two on your honeymoon as well?"
"No, no, well sorta. This our second honeymoon. We've been married five years."
"Oh congratulations."
 "Oh thank you. How would you and your husband like to come over to our cabin for some coffee?"
Dawn looked over at Newbie and he looked over at the couple before them.
"Sounds good to me."
With a smile Rachel said, "Great. We're not that far, just down this path."
 Fallon took the lead, followed by Rachel, Dawn and Newbie. It wasn't long before a large cabin came into view.
 Inside Fallon started the coffee and Rachel chatted with Dawn and Newbie.
"So how long have you two been here on the island and are you leaving anytime soon," Rachel began.
"We've been here about 11 days, we leave Saturday."
"Oh that just in 3 days. We must show you some of the most beautiful parts of the island, assuming you haven't seem them already. Being on your honeymoon I'm guessing you haven't left your cabin if you know what I mean."
Dawn and Newbie started feel a bit uncomfortable until Rachel's husband interrupted.
 "Rachel! Please! I'm sure they don't want to share that with a couple strangers."
"Oh sorry! Yeah! Sometimes I just blurt out things without thinking," Rachel said, apologetically.
"It's already and we would love to see some of the island," Dawn said with a smile.
"Yeah a tour would be nice, this is our first time on the island, " Newbie added.
 When the coffee finished everyone took a cup and sipped and shared some stories. They learned that Fallon and Rachel were horse breeders back in Appaloosa Plains and had a son named Jimmie back home who is only a year old. They took this second honeymoon to take a break from parent hood to have some time for themselves.
 After the coffee and the stories they shared it as nearly dark out. They said their goodbyes and Dawn and Newbie soon left for their own cabins.

**Dawn's P.O.V**
 Our two week honeymoon had finally come to end and we had to leave. Newbie had the bags packed and ready to go and I delayed by giving the cabin one more look over.
"Dawn are you ready to go or what? We don't wanna miss our plane."
I slowly walk back into the very small living room and sighed as I stood in front of the door.
 "What's wrong Dawn? Don't wanna leave?"
"Yeah, it was fun. I love this little island."
"Maybe we could come back again on our one year anniversary."
I walked over and gave Newbie a kiss, then I noticed what he was wearing. "How many of those shirts do you have?"
"Not enough."
"I think just enough."
 A 5 minute walk to the airport and a 12 hour plane ride later we were back in Starlight Shores. It was a wonderful honeymoon but I was glad to be back, but we weren't ready to go home yet. There was still an hour ride back to Hidden Springs.
We walked out the airport and into the beautiful city of Starlight Shores, "I'll go call a taxi, you wait here."
"Alright. Don't be long."
 Newbie ran off to go make a call. The airport didn't give much reception so Newbie had to get farther away from the airport.
 I decided it'd be better to wait by the road so the taxi driver can spot us more easily, so started walking closer to the road, unaware of the running woman coming my way.
 By the time I did see her it was too late and she clearly she didn't see me and I was knocked over.
 I fell to the ground, my hand covering my face, and pain in my shoulders.
"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!", said the woman who had knocked me over. She seemed concerned and scared that she might have hurt me real bad.
"I'm fine. It's okay," I said in return.
 She offered out her hand and I took it. She helped me off the ground and I stumbled to get my balance back.
 I stood and the woman immediately began to apologize again.
"Look I'm so sorry. I didn't see you and I was late for work and I'm soooo sorry."
 "I, ah, it's okay." I stumbled on my words as I looked at the woman, who oddly looked a lot like me.
 Once she believed that I was okay, she smiled and introduced herself as Maribel and then went back to running, clearly still not wanting to be late.
I hadn't said anything after that, I was still in shock. Newbie had finally walked back by me in time to see Maribel run off.
"Who was that, she looks a lot like you."
Then I wasn't insane, she saw our similarities too. I sucked in a breath and blurted out exactly what I was thinking. There was no doubting it; the purple eyes, the red and brown hair...
"I, I think she might be... my sister."
Sorry for the delay on this chapter, I had just recently figured out pose making and started making a bunch of poses, some of which were featured in this post. You can visit my blog and download some of my poses here.
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