Friday, July 20, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 4: A Different Kind of Shower

Newbie sat at the computer and played his favorite computer game, while I straightened up the house and got it ready for the arrival of my bridesmaids. My bridal shower was today and I wanted every spic and span .
I had just finished whipping down the counter and had just put away any cleaning equipment I had out and I was gonna start decorating the living room with balloons when I noticed that Newbie was still sitting at the computer; gawking at the screen. I walked over and causally leaned on the desk, with hands behind my back , smiling down at fiance.
When he didn't notice I was there I playfully punched his arm and said, "Newbie, you have to get out, the girls will be here any minute and no guys are allowed."
Rubbing his arm from my surprisingly painful punch Newbie looked up from his computer screen and at me. "I'm sorry honey. Time just flew by me. Is it 3 already?"
Turning off the computer, he slid the chair out from under the desk and slowly stood up. Most likely trying to annoy me.
"Newbie, come on, no boys. Now when is Quinn coming to get you for your bachelor party?"
"He's not coming. I'm meeting him and the guys at the Karaoke bar."
"Well then you better get your ass going, buddy boy."
Newbie and I quickly looked to the doorway where we heard the voice and saw Addy casually leaning against the door frame.
"ADDY!" I yelled, glad to see my best friend here.
" Hey Dawnie. I see you're having trouble getting rid of the groom, it happens to the best of us."
"Hey I said I was going," Newbie said defensively.
"Yeah well you're taking your sweet time about it," Addy laughed.
"Well maybe I don't wanna leave, maybe I wanna stay with my gorgeous fiancee and join her party tonight."
I looked to Newbie and smiled, "That's not happening. I told you NO BOYS!"
"Find but I'm taking my time getting to the door." Then Newbie slowly turned and took the longest step forward ever.
"That's it, I guess if you want something done you have to do it yourself." Addy grabbed Newbie's shoulder and started shoving him out the door and into hall. It took her all her strength to move him but she managed to get him to the front door.
"I'm going, I'm going. I see I'm not wanted here." He flashed me a smiled and said, "Love you babe. I'll be back at midnight."
"Love you too," I managed to say before the door closed behind him.
Addy and I walked back into the other room, feeling victorious about getting rid of Newbie, so we could actually start getting things ready for the party.
"God, men are so stubborn."
"Tell me about it. But he's also sweet and understanding too. He was so understanding the other day when I told him about me feeling guilty about my challenge and how-"
"Wait, what?"
I quickly covered my mouth in shock. I couldn't believe what I just told Addy. I hadn't meant to tell her like this. Oh gosh!
"It's nothing," I said quickly. I really didn't want to talk about it right at this moment.
"Dawnie, what's wrong why are you feeling guilty about your challenge? I'm your best friend, tell me!"
I knew I couldn't take back what I said now and it was either tell her now or have her find out from someone else. I took a few steps back and leaned against the wall.
Sighing I began, "For a few weeks now I've been thinking about my challenge. How I never actually finished the challenge. Yes, I have 100 kids but I only gave birth to 98, not 100."
"What do you mean?"
"Remember Dillon? The baby that was left on my doorstep? And Hayden?"
"Yeah? What about them?" Addy asked, completely confused.
"They were adopted Addy, I didn't give birth to them. I only had 98 kids. And the challenge was to give birth to 100 kids."
"Oh my gosh Dawnie. It's alright they're still you kids, they count."
"I know but that doesn't help that I will always feel guilty unless I finish my challenge."
"What are you saying?"
"You know the challenge dad, Logan Fey?"
"Daaawn?" Slowly but surely Addy was beginning to piece it all together.
"I called him the other day about me joining his challenge........He said yes."
"Dawnie! Does Newbie know about these plans of yours?"
"Of course he does. He knows that I've been feeling guilty and we talked it over. It was his idea that I should join a male baby challenge. The kids will count in Logan's challenge, but at least I wont feel guilty anymore. I will be doing artificial insemination of course and will be staying with him until that baby is born."
"What do you mean your staying with him? And what if you have one baby, you'll still be short one baby?"
"Staying with him is one of the rules to his challenge, like we have rules too and like the rules to the woman's challenge I will follow by them. And if I only have one baby then that's fine, at least I tried."
"When do you planning on doing this?"
"Before the wedding. He'll be here in Hidden Springs tomorrow."
After our conversation, Addy and I went back to doing what we planned; decorating the living room for the party. Afterwards the rest of my bridesmaids began to arrive. First was Violet, then Della and Calista. We enjoyed ourselves and hung out in the kitchen drinking coffee, having a fun time while we waited for everyone else.
I just finished my first cup of coffee when Ashby came running into the kitchen with one hand on her hip and the other above her eyes yelling,"Where is my future daughter-in-law?"
I screamed Ashby's name when I saw her come in and ran over to her, giving her the biggest hug ever.
"How's my future mother-in-law?" It was kinda weird knowing that one of my friends will be my mother-in-law, but it doesn't bother me, at least I know I wont be getting a monster-in-law.
"Just dandy. Sorry I'm late, you guys didn't start the party did you?"
"No, not yet. We wanted to wait until everyone arrived. Salline still hasn't arrived."
"Great, when will she be here?"
"I'm here!!!" I heard Salline's call from behind me. I began to turn around when Addy ran over to my side.
"Dawn Wait-"
Before Addy could say a word I let a huge gasp. There standing in from of me was my friend Salline.... as a ghost. A FREAKING GHOST. I barely said a word, just stood there with my hands covering my mouth that was still open from the shock.
"Dawn, I'm so sorry I meant to tell you." Addy stood just a couple feet behind me. What did she mean she meant to tell me? Tell me that one of my bridesmaids DIED. That's something you don't forget to tell anyone.
"Don't get upset Dawn, I'm fine."
I slowly walked over to my transparent friend. I wanted to touch her to see if she was real, but I was afraid that my hand might slip through her ghostly body.
"What happened?" I managed to finally ask.
"A fire Dawn, that's what happened, but the Grim Reaper gave me a second chance at life again but as a ghost instead."
"So your fine?"
"I'm still me, myself, and I, but just orange and transparent."
I pulled Salline into hug. It's terrible what happened to her and seeing her like this and hearing what happened brought back bad memories when my son Tyler died. I know he's fine now and living his life, but it still doesn't help that I still get heart broken whenever I think about that awful day.
Releasing our hug I look into Salline ghostly eyes and ask, "Ready for the party?"
"Totally ready!", she responded with a grin the size of Bridgeport on her face.
A couple hours later me and the girls sat around the coffee table talking about my wedding coming up. Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes and wine that Addy brought over while we played some bridal shower games and unwrapped gifts. The gifts were especially nice; scented candles, fancy shampoos and body scrubs. It was all so nice.
Just when I thought we were finished Addy pulled out one more gift that was hidden behind the couch where I couldn't see it; handing it to me she said, "This is from all of us."
I took the purple glittered bag from Addy and looked at her and the rest of my friends suspiciously. Taking the white tissue paper out of the bag I found a box inside, the kind that held only clothes and the one that kids always hate to get during Christmas.
I started to open the box when I heard Calista giggle on the couch beside me. Violet and Della both shushed her while I finished opening it. Once opened I grabbed the piece of clothing that wasn't covered by more tissue paper and pulled it out. My hands held it up high and my eyes widen as I realized that I was holding a piece of lingerie. It was all white and revealed a lot. It was the kind you only see in one of those really expensive lingerie stores.
I dropped the piece of clothing back in the box and stood up, covering my blushing face that seemed to only get redder. "You guys are so bad," I said peaking at them through my fingers.
All I could hear was my friends laughing and then Ashby said, "Come on Dawn, Newbie will love it."
Oh god! Mental note: kill my friends.
After the party had ended my friends began to head back to their own towns, own homes and to their children. Addy stayed behind and help me cleaned up the mess from the party, before she too headed home to her kids.
I put the left over goodies in the fridge and my gifts in the closet in the master bedroom. As for the lingerie, I hid it in a safe place where even Newbie couldn't find it. It may have been a joke to embarrass the bride but it did sorta looked cute and I saved it for me to wear on the honeymoon.
Once everything was put away it was 11pm and Newbie would be home in an hour from his party, then tomorrow I would leave to go see Logan Fey and officially finish my challenge.
"Well Opal, tomorrow will be a big day. Promise me you wont drive Newbie complete insane while I'm gone."
Opal let out a big meow and I smiled.