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Generation 1, Chapter 11: Laura-Jayne's Visitors

It's been a few months since the birth of our child and Laura-Jayne is getting bigger everyday. It was tough at first when she brought her home from the hospital with her constant crying, we couldn't get any sleep. Of course Newbie offered the take the night shift, but since he works in the morning he would be dead tired. No one wants a tired brain surgeon performing surgery.

Eventually we came up with a conclusion that would help us both. Newbie took his saved up vacation time to stay home for the first few months until we can come up with a better solution. We had enough money saved up to support us until he went back to work. Newbie took the night shift and I took the day and with that the first months went by with a breeze.
Laura-Jayne is now nearing 4 months so we thought it was the right time and age for her to meet some of her family (and mommy's friends). Of course she had already met my siblings and Newbie's brother Quinn a few days after her birth, but she hasn't met her Grandma Ashby yet.

I spent the morning of the visits straighten up the house, making sure it was nice and clean for when they come by. It was pretty messy, but if your full attention is on the baby you pretty much forget about cleaning. When I finished cleaning I ran upstairs to check on Newbie and the baby. He was in charge of her while I cleaned.

I open the bedroom door and saw Newbie holding Laura-Jayne and rocking her back and forth. It was such an adorable sight to see my daughter sleeping in her daddy's arms.
Whispering, I ask, "Newbie why isn't she dressed yet? Your mom will be here any minute."

"Sorry time got away from me. I'll get her dressed now. You go wait for my mom downstairs and I'll be down there in a few."

"Alright, but hurry cause I want her to look her best hen she meets her grandma."

"I'll make sure she's all dressed up."

"Haha, Alright."
Newbie got her all dressed and downstairs within 5 minutes and not long afterwards, Ashby arrived along with a few fellow challenge moms, Violet Lemi and Christy Quinn.

Newbie handed Laura-Jayne over to me and opened the door for his mother and friends, and welcomes his mom with a big hug.

"Hey mom, I missed you."

"I missed you too my boy. We don't see each other nearly as enough as I like."

"Well your always welcome to visit."

"And same here my son."
"Where's my granddaughter?" Ashby got right to the point after releasing her hold on Newbie. "Awe, there she is."

Ashby walked over to me and gives me a half hug then takes Laura-Jayne into her arms. "So this is the granddaughter who's named after me. Looks like she got the Starr hair and your eyes Dawn," Ashby said looking over to me.

Laura-Jayne giggles at Ashby and starts touching her face, causing Ashby to laugh. "It seems she likes her grandma already. Haha."
Christy and Violet both awed after seeing Laura-Jayne giggle and play with Ashby's face and hair.

"She's the cutest thing ever," Violet said, smiling.

"I just want to eat her all up," Christy added.
We all head into the living room and make ourselves comfortable on the couches. Ashby starts off by discussing things going on in her life and her and Newbie went back in forth with stories and questions about each other's stories.

Violet and Christy said a few stories too but mostly just listened and asked questions as well. I sat back, rocking Laura-Jayne in my arms and an hour later after Ashby arrived little Laura-Jayne fell asleep in my arms.
The stories soon turned into gossip about some challenge moms, others being about her neighbors, and some about the family. One piece of gossip really got my attention.

"A little birdy told me that Quinn got engaged."

"Wait, but isn't he dating my cousin?" I asked looking up from the baby to Ashby.

"Well I guess he proposed," Ashby smiled.

"But he would have told me. I'm his brother."

"And I'm sure that Minny would have told her cousin or I would have heard it from my aunt and uncle, they know that Quinn and Newbie are brothers."
"Don't feel bad Newbie, he hasn't told me either, I don't think he has proposed yet. I heard this from one of my other children. They saw him at the jewelry store and when they asked him about it he told them he planned on proposing to his girlfriend. This is all I know."
After that Ashby stayed for another hour talking about other things. Violet and Christy even started talking about what's going on in their lives as well. The when 3 O' Clock rolled around they left and went back their family.

At 4:30pm, Addy, Becks and Logan stopped by to see the baby. Logan was the first to pick up Laura-Jayne and started playing with her. Her giggles were endless and Becks couldn't control her smiles.

"She's the cutest little thing I ever saw, well besides mine and Logan's babies, but still she's so cute."
"It seems Laura-Jayne is gonna be a people person when she's older with all the attention she's getting now."

"Maybe. I want her to be around a lot of people when she's young so she wont grow to be shy. I want her to be able to make a lot of friends."

"Maybe you should take her to a park to see other little toddlers, or have a play date."

"Yeah that's a great idea."
After Logan played with Laura-Jayne for a while, Becks took her to the baby swing and turned it on. Then she started making goofy faces to try to make Laura-Jayne laugh.
She successfully succeeded because giggles was all we heard coming out from her mouth. She's just loving this visit day and meeting all these new people trying to make her laugh.
"Dawn, Laura-Jayne is so cute. Thank you for letting us come and visit."
"Well you guys are welcome to come visit her anytime."
30 minutes later Logan and Becks left to go home, while Addy decided to stay behind for a little while longer. I took this time to talk to Addy about something I've been meaning to ask her.


"Newbie and I have been talking and decided on who should be Laura-Jayne's godparents. We would like you to be her godmother."

"Oh Dawn!"

"So, will you?"

"Of course. So who's her godfather?"

"Quinn, Newbie's brother. We called him a few days ago. He said yes also."
"Well, I would love to be her godmother."

"Thank you Addy."

I leaned over and gave my best friend a big hug and not long after that she left as well.

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Generation 1, Chapter 10: It's a Baby Girl!

 It's been months since the universe travel incident and my baby bump was already growing at a fast rate. I was surprised at first about finding out that I was pregnant since we planned to spend our first year of marriage just the two of us. Now I wouldn't change a thing. I missed being pregnant and I was quite excited about having another baby in the house again and Newbie is especially delighted about having a baby. Last time we had kids together was for my challenge, but then we were not married or in love and he only saw them on weekends.
 It's been awhile since I've been pregnant and I was afraid I might have forgotten everything about pregnancy, so I found myself watching these baby programs on tv. One particular show showed the new and improved technology they have now for pregnant women and babies.

"NEWBIE!! Come look at this. This new ultrasound can let you see 3D images of your baby while it's still in the womb?" I shouted from the living room. Newbie was upstairs getting ready for work and I'm pretty sure he didn't hear me.
 "Yes honey? You called me?"

"Oh yes. Look, they have these new ultrasounds that allows you to see 3D images of your baby in the womb. It's that crazy!"

"I guess, technology is really improving now-a-days. I wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years you can see a hologram of your baby."


 "Look I'm heading off to work now, you and the baby be safe okay. If you need anything I'm just a call away. You still waiting for the doctor's call?" Newbie says, walking over to the couch and placing his hand on my belly.
"Yes, the doctor should be calling sometime around 3 or 4. But why can't you find out the gender of our baby when you get to the hospital and give me a call. I don't wanna wait another 2 hours or so."

"Oh Dawn, that's not my department. I'm a brain surgeon not a baby doctor. Besides finding out our baby's gender is worth the 2 hour wait."

"Yeah I guess."
Newbie stand and helps me off the couch and gives me a goodbye kiss and hug before heading off to work.

"Bye, Honey. See you tonight. Love you."

"Bye, Love you too, Newbie."
 After watching tv, I ate an apple, some ice cream and a snickers candy bar. The food made me so tired I decided to take a short nap while I wait for the Doctor's call. I fell asleep on Newbie and I's bed, right next to the phone, so I wont miss any calls that came through.
 It wasn't a long nap, and when Opal decided to jump onto the bed with me, I woke up. She looked irritated and wouldn't stop scratching. Then I noticed that she had fleas.
 I sat up on the bed and saw Storm on the floor and he too had fleas and wouldn't stop scratching.

"Awe. You guys need a bath."
I got up and wobbled my way to the hall bathroom and gave each cat a thorough cleaning, using a special shampoo I picked up at the market the other day, I made sure that no flea made it out of the tub alive.

"There, there, you feel all better now?"

I blow dried the cats, let go and do whatever they please while I cleaned what mess I made in the bathroom. As I was drying the floor of water with the towel I heard the house phone ringing. Knowing it was most likely the doctor I quickly got up and rushed out of the bathroom, saving the rest of the drying till after the call.
 I snatch the phone up and answered it with eagerness.


"Hello, is Mrs. Starr there?"

"Yes, this is she."

"Hi, I'm Dr. Cotton and I have the results to your ultrasound. Would you like to know the gender of your baby?"

"YES, yes, please."

"Congrats Mrs. Starr, your having a baby girl."

**4 months Later**
8 months pregnant
 After finding out we were having a baby girl, we were beyond excited, both Newbie and I were secretly hoping for a daughter. Mostly because we already have two sons together, but if we were to have a boy that would be just as great, but a girl was what we hoped.

The last 4 months I took up painting again, something I haven't done since I was halfway done with my challenge. It's something that I enjoy and it relaxes me, plus it gives me something to do while Newbie is off at work.

The last week Newbie has been secretive about something. I've seen him enter and exit out of one of the spare rooms constantly. More then 5 times this last week I seen several of his friends enter the room as well and exit with sweat stain shirts and paint on their faces. I never bothered to question, thinking that him and his friends were doing some kind of project that they don't want me to know about. So I left it as it is and continued my painting.
 "Dawn!! Come here a minute!" Newbie hollered from inside his secret room. I placed my paintbrush down and made my way to the door to see what he wanted.
 Today was October 31th, Halloween, and I wore my new maternity shirt I bought a couple weeks ago. It showed a skeletal rib cage with a baby girl skeleton where my belly is. I thought since I was too big for a halloween costume I might as well wear this, plus it was super cute.
 When I turned the corner I saw Newbie shirtless and sweaty, standing right in front of the room he has spent a lot of time in the last 7 days.

"Newbie why are you sweating? It's fall," I asked walking the rest of the towards him.

"You'll see, no, close your eyes." Newbie walked behind me and clasped him hands over my eyes and leads me through the door and into the room.

"Newbie what are y-"

"Okay open," he said, releasing his hands and letting me see the room.

I walked into a room of pink and brown. It was the most lovely nursery I have ever seen and everything matched so well. The cribbed looked so adorable and the room was filled with endless toys. It was like taking a step into one of those home decor magazines.

"Oh Newbie, it's, it's beautiful. How? Why? How'd you do all this?"
 Newbie grabbed my hand and walked me a little more towards the middle of room and said, "Well I called a few of my friends and asked them to help me paint the walls and decorate the room. Asher was a big help with the heavy lifting and the matching as you see what my mom's doing. My first intention was everything pink, like all different shades of pink, but she was like you 'you need variety' and pretty much took over the whole designing. Asher, the guys and I just listened."

I laughed, I could definitely see Ashby doing something like that. "Why all this trouble? I mean I would have been happy with just a crib and a few toys."
 "This is my first daughter, our first daughter, our first child as a married couple and we can raise together this time. I only want the best for her, she will be spoiled rotten." As Newbie said this he got to his knees and placed his head gently on my stomach.

"Oh, Newbie that's so sweet."
 He got up from his knees and pulled me into a embrace and we began to kiss. We were so caught up in the moment that neither one of heard anyone enter the room.

"Now watch you have another boy."
 "ADDY!!" I yelled, letting go of Newbie to face my friend. "When did you get here?"

"A minute ago. It's a cute room but what if you have another boy?"

"Then he'll be the pinkest boy at the playground," Newbie responded.

We all laugh.
 The laughing must have excited the baby because I felt a strong kick and then my water broke. "Ah, Newbie, Addy. The baby is coming."

Both got wide eyed and ran to my aid. Addy called the ambulance and Newbie helped me downstairs to wait outside.
 20 minutes later I'm at the hospital with contractions hitting me every minute. The baby will definitely be here soon.
When the doctor entered the room, he ordered me to lay down on the bed, I was fully dilated, ready to be delivered soon.
 When he told me to push, I pushed. The pain was horrible and right away I was regretting not getting the epidural when the doctor suggested it.

"You doing fine Dawn, just breath and push."

The delivery of the baby lasted only 10 minutes, but with all the pain I was experiencing it felt like hours. Thankfully I had my husband there to couch me through the delivery.
 In the end Newbie and I welcome a new baby girl into our lives. I couldn't help but tear up when I looked into her little eyes and I swear I though I saw a tear in Newbie's eyes as well but I didn't bring it up.
I snuggled our baby and she looked up at me with a smile.

"You got a name for her?" Newbie asked, still smiling down at his daughter.

"Yes, how about Laura-Jayne and her middle name can be Ashby, after your mom?"

"Laura-Jayne Ashby Starr. I love it."

I hope all you enjoy chapter 10 of generation 1.
I'm so excited to welcome a new baby into the Starr home and I hope you all stay tuned for Chapter 11 that I hope to start as soon as possible.

As you can see that I added extra space in between each paragraph to make for an easy read. I wanted to know if you guys like the extra space or do you prefer it the way it was before?

Happy Simming and thanks for reading. :D

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Generation 1, Chapter 9: Part 3 of 3: Returning Home

When we got the chance we left the cafe and started walking down the road to who knows where. We were just walking until Maribel called us. It was obvious that she wasn't 100% sure how to get us back but I sure hoped she'd figure it out soon, I don't want to spend my remaining days in an alternate universe and I'm sure Addy and Logan don't either.
My phone rang once again with Maribel's name plastered on the scream. I quickly answered the phone with a somewhat irritated voice.
"Maribel please tell me you can get us home this time. All this jumping places is making me nauseous."
"Well, um, you're not suppose to feel sick, but I might have it this time. I'm telelporting you guys now."
There was barely a flash and it looked like we hadn't moved at all. We were in the exact same spot as before. Did she make a mistake, or is this another universe and we just jumped into the same exact spot?
The question was answered when a flash of blue appear in our vision in front of us. It was obviously another alternate Addy.
"I wonder why she's going to the cemetery?" I looked over to Addy, wondering if maybe Addy had a relative buried in Hidden Springs. Apparently not because she had no clue where she was going.
"I have no idea, I wonder whose grave is in there," Addy said.
"Obviously someone who isn't dead in our universe is dead in this one."
"Someone Addy knows," Logan added.
We followed a fair distance behind her and when she entered the cemetery, we stayed outside the metal rails.
"Can you see who's grave it is?" Logan asked, trying to see if he could read the headstone by holding the metal bars and standing on his toes.
Addy and I both looked at Logan with an, are you serious, look and Addy said, "Logan how are we suppose to see anything from way over here?"
Without saying anything more, we all turned and looked back at the other Addy, who finally stopped in front of one of the graves in back.
She looked down at the headstone and after a minute of not saying anything she began to speak.
"I'm so sorry. It's all my fault, I should have gone with you to Bridgeport, I could have been there when they discovered your plans and ambushed you. I could have protected you or helped you get away."
Addy whipped away a few of her tears that were beginning to fall done her cheek. Without either of us knowing someone else had walked into the cemetery.
"Addy what are you doing here?"
"Newbie! I, well, I'm here to see my friend of course."
"You still miss her huh?"
"It's my fault Newbie, she died because I didn't go with her."
"It's not your fault, Addy, you would have never known that would happen in Bridgeport."
"It doesn't matter. The guilt will always be there."
"It's been 4 years."
"I will forever be guilty until I get Wei back for killing my friend. He will pay for the day he killed Dawn."
"Just know I will always be here for you Addy. I miss Dawn, just as much as you. I too feel guilty for never telling Dawn how I feel, now I can never tell her."
Addy turned around and gave Newbie a friendly hug.
"We can miss Dawn together. Let her memory live on. We can never forget our great friend."
The alternate Addy and Newbie left and once they were gone I ran into the cemetery and straight to the grave they were just at.
I stopped and stood, looking down at the grave. I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Right there in front of me, right before my eyes, written in stone, was my name, Dawn Turner. This was my grave, my grave.
I fell to my knees, my hands covering the sides of my face. Wei had killed me in Bridgeport, when I went to kill him. I had never gotten the chance, he found out, he killed me. Only then I knew that if he had killed me then he must have killed Lerk as well. This upset me, much more then it should have. Adding more pain to my already heavy heart, if I was killed in Bridgeport, then I never finished my challenge.
It began to rain and I couldn't get myself to move. I just sat there, not moving, for 5 minutes. There was nothing but silence, other then the sound of the rain.
My phone began to ring and we all knew who it was. Since I couldn't get myself to answer, Addy answered for me. My head began to spin and I felt sick to my stomach. Addy said something to me about going home but the sound was drowned out by the pounding rain.
I began to stand but my weak knees caused me to fall back down. Addy tried to help me off the ground but I saw spots in front of my eyes and ended up fainting in her arms.
"Dawn! Dawn! Can you hear me? Are you alright?"
Logan tried to help me walk but I couldn't move. I heard Logan suggesting that he'd carry me instead, then everything went black.
It seemed only like a few minutes, but it was more likely a few hours. I became aware that I was in a bed but I had no idea who's bed, my bed, or someone else's. I just laid there with my eyes close, listening for any clues to where I was.
I finally opened my eyes and was instantly blinded by the white room I was in. I leaned up from the bed and rubbed my eyes until my vision cleared and I could see shapes.
The first thing I saw was Newbie sitting in a chair across the room. He was wearing his hospital uniform and looked very tired. I made a slight moan and this caused Newbie to turn his head and become aware that I was awake.
"Dawn!", Newbie shouted, as he got up and ran over to the bed. I got up as well and met him halfway across the room.
He took my hands in his and looked me in the eyes.
"I'm so glad to see you're awake. When I heard about what happened I ran right over from my office."
"Am I really home? This isn't another universe or a dream or something?"
"No you're home. You've been home for awhile, 5 hours actually."
"5 hours? What happened? Where's Addy and Logan and why am I in the hospital?"
"The jumping universes made you weak. Addy and Logan are fine, they're at home right now."
"Wait, if the universe travel made me weak then why aren't Addy and Logan in the hospital as well?"
"It had a bigger effect on you, Dawn, with your condition and all."
"What condition?"
Newbie was leaving something out and I was about to find out what. He led me back to the bed and knelt down to the ground. Holding my hands and smiling up at me, Newbie took a quick inhale.
"Newbie, what condition? Why did the traveling make me weak and not Addy and Logan, why?"
Newbie chuckled and then said, "Dawn, you're pregnant."
Hearing that I was pregnant, surprisingly shocked me. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I was pregnant. We weren't trying to have a baby and I figured the sickness I was feeling was from the travels. It never occurred to me that I was only one that felt sick whenever we landed in a new universe.
I was pregnant. I suddenly felt nauseated again, but this time it was a good thing.