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Generation 2, Chapter 2: Why Did My Perfect Date Have to End in Tears?

I was never one to wear make-up, but when I do its very light eye shadow and maybe some lip gloss. Today was one of those make-up days because today is my date with Brock Baxter. I've been nothing but nervous and excited all week. Everyone in school pretty heard about my date with the hot senior, Brock. I got some dirty looks from some jealous girls I don't even know and another guy actually asked me out. I don't get boys. They act like you don't exist but as soon as you're taken you're like a piece of candy that they all want to steal.

"Laura-Jayne!! Brock is here," I heard my mom call out from downstairs. Suddenly my nerves were replaced with excitement about seeing Brock again.

 "COMING!" I yelled from upstairs. I grabbed all my things I had brought with me into the bathroom and tossed them on my bed. I didn't bother putting them away; I'll do that after my date.

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and busted through the front door, where Brock stood, admiring the flowers that were planted in front of our house.

 "Hey, Brock. I'm ready to go," I said, catching my breath. I wanted to get out of here before dad knows Brock's here.

"Don't you want me to meet your parents or do your parents want to meet me first?" He said, confused as to why I want to leave so suddenly.

"Unless you want to meet my dad. A five minute meeting with him and you'll never want to come near me again. I like you, Brock. I want you to get to know me before you meet my dad."

 "Understood," he responded with a chuckle.

"So where are we going?" I smiled.

"It's a surprise but you'll gonna have a blast."

 I had no idea where Brock was taking me until we turned down the long curvy road and a giant Ferris wheel came into view.

"The boardwalk?" I asked, excitedly looking out the passenger side window. "I haven't been here since I was six."

"Well a lot of things have changed on this boardwalk in the last ten years, like for instance they added new carnival games and they added a snow cone machine."

My face lit up at the mention of snow cones. I always loved snow cones. "Can we get a snow cone first?" I asked. I should been embarrassed for acting like a little kid at the carnival on our date, but Brock didn't seem to mind. He laughed and said that this was my day and he wants to do what makes me happy.

He parked his convertible in the parking lot and we walked side by side onto the boardwalk, passing all the good games and such and straight towards the snow cones.

 He ordered me a grape flavored snow cone and he got himself cherry. We started off our date sitting on a nearby bench, enjoying our delicious snow cones.

"This tastes great, Brock. How's yours?" I asked.

"Taste like freshly picked cherries," he answered before digging into his snow cone once more.


"N'aw, just artificial freshly picked cherries."

Laughing, I asked, "What do we do now?"

 Brock looked around once and smiled when he spotted the claw machine. "How about we play that?"

I frowned when I saw what he was pointing at. "I'm no good at the claw machine, maybe you play and I watch." I'm terrible at that game, I never one once. It's so hard to pick up a toy with that skinny claw and if you did manage to grab hold of something it never holds long enough for you to savor it. Now I just watch others play it instead.

"Alright. Maybe I can win you something."

"Awe that's sweet."

Brock happily walked over to the claw machine and feed it fifty cents. Then he played with the controls until the claw reached down and picked up a pink stuffed bunny. I honestly was expecting Brock to lose the toy like I always have but he didn't. Instead the claw held onto the toy and dropped it into prize box.

Brock retrieved the toy and handed it over to me. "For you," he said, smiling his gorgeous smile. I couldn't help but blush a little.

"Thank you, Brock."
Brock played the claw machine one more time and won himself a toy car, then we both had a crack at the whack-a-gnome game before he suggested we each get our face painted. He picked out hearts for my face and I picked a plumbob for his. We thought we looked silly and decided to get our picture taken.

"We look great Laura," Brock smiled.

"You think so?" I asked, looking over his shoulder to get a better look at our picture. "Wow, you look great in the picture, Brock."

"Only because I'm in the picture with you," he said, causing me to blush big time. Gosh, gorgeous and sweet. He couldn't get any more perfect.

As the date continued, Brock and I competed against each other in a few games. I won all of them. Well actually Brock lost on purpose, but that just shows how sweet he is.

After all the games, Brock and I decided to take a break and eat some McDonalds, then maybe try out the Ferris wheel since we haven't rode it yet. 

The meal was good but the Ferris wheel was real fun; being up so high we got to see almost all of Hidden Springs. When the ride finished and we got off Brock pointed out this love machine next to the exit.
"Hey Laura, look. Let's see what is says about us."

"Um, alright," I said smiling, but behind that smile I was screaming OH EM GEE!! Brock wanted to try the love machine with me. Did that mean he likes me? If he didn't why would he want to see if we were a good match or not? Either way I couldn't stop grinning.

When both of our hands touch the controller at the same time my heart started to race. What was the machine going to say? If it says we're not a good match will that prevent Brock from asking me out again?

 With a pull of the controller the light shot up the meter. It did several rounds before it came to a stop. A bright red light shone from the top and the machine flashed 'Perfect Match' on the screen.

"Oh my gosh, it says we're a perfect match. Can you believe it?" I said excitedly.

"Yeah it does and you know what?" Brock said, looking from the love machine to me.

"What?" I asked curiously. Getting lost in those eyes of his.

"The machine gave me enough confidence to do this."

"Do wha-"

I didn't even get to finish my sentence before Brock kissed me. At first I was surprised and confused as to what just happened but when he pulled away it dawned on me. Brock kissed me! My head was screaming and heart was about to jump out of my chest. Wait until Lindsey hears about this.

Brock then took my hands in his and smiled at me. But it wasn't his usual smile that he has been flashing all night; this smile was more like a shy smile. Was Brock about to ask me out again? What if he's going to ask me to be his girlfriend? My mind was thinking up a thousand questions that Brock could ask me at this moment but all I could do was stay silent and wait.

"Laura," he said, narrowing his eyes for a quick second before looking back into my eyes again. "I was wondering, well, if you would be my date to prom."


My face got all red and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack or something. Brock just asked me to prom! He could have asked anyone, but no, he asks me!!

I gave Brock my biggest, most attractive smile before answering his question, "I would love to Brock."

Brock was just about to lean in for another kiss when my phone chimed, letting me know I received a text. I apologized and quickly took my phone out of my pocket to read the message.

Come home now.

It was from mom. I would expect mom to send something like that to me if I was out longer then I told her I would be, but Brock and I had another hour together. So it could only mean something was wrong and I needed to get home pronto.

I looked up from my phone's screen and frowned at Brock. "It's my mom. I think something is up. Can you take me home?"

Nodding in understanding, Brock responded, "Of course."

I gave him a thank you smile and sent a text back to my mom. Leaving now. Will be home in a few.

The ride home was quick and silent. As Brock pulled up to my driveway and parked his car I saw my mom's face in the window looking out at me. She looked at if she had been crying.

I jumped out of the car and ran into the house, Brock right behind me. As soon as I opened the front door my mom was there, preventing me from walking into the living room, obviously trying to hide what was happening.

"Mom, what's wrong? What happened?"

"Honey, I'm sorry to say this, but Storm, he's gone."

"Wha-what?! Storm is gone? You mean gone, gone? No, no, no this can't happen. He was fine just this morning. He said so himself." I was in shock. Tears began fall from my eyes, causing tears to reappear in my mom's eyes.

"Maybe he didn't want you to know his time was coming," she said through sniffles. "He was pretty old Laura-Jayne."

"No, no. Opal! Where's Opal? I must see if she's okay," I said trying to push past my mom, but she stopped me. Telling me that she's with Newbie and Storm in the living room.

I started crying again. This time I said nothing and let my tears come pouring out. It was then that Brock gently touched my shoulders asking if I needed a shoulder to cry on. I had completely forgotten that Brock was still there but I took advantage of his offer and buried my face on his left shoulder. He comforted my by rubbing my back and saying sweet words in my ear. Why did my perfect date have to end in tears?

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Generation 2, Chapter 1: Stop Being a Lazy Lump and Do Something Today!

I wanna thank Xur28 for gifting me the Distant Horizon Dress. I love it. ^_^

Growing up you get this crazy idea that being a teenager is all about going the coolest parties and dating the football star, but in reality it's nothing like that at all. I'm definitely not one of the popular kids so the only kind of parties I ever go to was my own birthday party. As for the boys, I'm okay looking but I don't show my stuff like the slutty girls do, so the boys don't even give me a glance.

I usually spend my weekends at home and my school nights doing homework. I barely leave the house because I don't really have anywhere to go. I don't have friends, besides Lindsey. Before Lindsey could only visit like once a month but when she got her license her parents let her use their car to come visit me anytime. We don't live that far apart really; just about an hour.

My family is okay really. I don't mind hanging with them all the time, even though I just mostly lay around in my room. My parents are cool though, but they look young for their age. Apparently they took some age freeze potion; whatever that is. My mom dyed her hair back to her original color, brown, it's weird though I'm not used to seeing her with any other color besides blonde. As for my dad he loves when I hang around the house, it just gives him the knowing feeling that I'm not running around with the boys. I just go to school and come home.

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm bored out of mind. I don't think I've left my room yet today, but what is there to do? I have no homework and I finished my chores for the day. I could sleep but I'm not tired, I could read but all the books on my shelf I've read already. I guess I could just go on my computer and watch some videos but I'm just too lazy. So now I'm back to just laying here on my bed and letting my mind wonder.

I lost my train of thought when I heard a meow. I looked down to see that Opal had somehow gotten into my room. I thought I closed my door. Oh well! I just watched her as she just walked around my room, observing my things from her point of view.

She doesn't say anything. She's just looking around, probably seeing what is so great in my room that I had to close my door. She'll soon see that there's nothing of interest in here and leave. Maybe she's looking for Storm.

"Storm is not in here Opal," I say out loud.

Meow! I'm not looking for Storm. Opal responds. She just looked up at my poster of a kitty thinking about grill cheese. I like your picture, human. My favorite picture in the whole house. I like looking at it.

I giggled at Opal and answered, "Well you're more than welcome to come look at it any time." Opal enjoys the picture a minute more before she thanks me and leaves my room. I sigh.

No one outside my house knows about my ability to understand animals. When I told my parents they were a little hesitant to believe me until they took me to see my aunt Maribel. After a few tests they learned my powers origin. Mom was pregnant with me when she had the universe travel mishap. It was really early in her pregnancy but she was pregnant. Because I was a vulnerable embryo the traveling had affected me. No one knows why I ended up with understanding animals from traveling universes, but I did and they think it could affect my kids too. That machine that broke was pretty powerful.

A gust of wind hit my leg and I noticed then that my door was still open. I was just about to get up and close it when my mom walked in. Apparently she took my open door as an invitation to come talk to me.

"Hey mom," I sigh, looking up at her.

"Hey sweetie," she responded as she walked into my room and made herself comfortable by leaning against my desk. She sighed and her eyes scanned my room a couple time before she looked back at me. "Sweetie why don't you go out today? It's such a nice day out."

I sigh in frustration. "But there's nothing to do. Hidden Springs is boring."

"Hidden Springs has a lot to offer. When I did the challenge your siblings loved getting out of the house and going to the park and lake and stuff like that." There she goes talking about that challenge of her's again. I swear she never stops mentioning it. I went and read her blog, I don't need to hear her talk about it all the time. "Why don't you go hang out with some friends? I bet they would love to see you."

"What friends, mom? I have all the friends I need here in this house."

"I mean human friends, honey. Opal doesn't count. Speaking of Opal, I just saw her leave. What did she say to you this time?"

"Mom because I can understand them doesn't mean they always talk to me and I talk to them. I mean come on."

She studied my face and for a second we had a starring contest. I broke our gaze quickly and sighed in defeat. "She wanted to look at my poster."

I rolled over and laid on my back. I could never win a starring contest with mom. It's like she knows when I'm hiding something or not telling her something.

"So are you gonna get up and go out or what?"

"Fine," I grunted, as I lazily lifted myself up to a seated position on my bed. Just then my door burst open and three little toddlers come running into my room, calling out to mom for help.

"MOMMY! Barret is chasing us. HELP!"

She laughed at my little siblings and told them to get on their way and go play somewhere else. Once they all left I turned the lights off in my room and left the house.

When I left the house I called Lindsey. I wasn't expecting, mostly hoping that she'd swing by Hidden Springs to hang out. I really didn't want to wonder around town doing nothing all by myself. I'd rather do nothing with my best friend. Luckily for me she just happened to be driving to Hidden Springs to make a surprise visit. She was just 5 minutes away when I called her. I told her to just meet me at the thrift shop and I headed down there myself. I thought I might as well see if they have anything worth buying. Maybe a book for more of my bored days.

I mostly ended up browsing through the clothes and checking myself out in the mirror. "How do I look?"

"You look great. I love the outfit."

Lindsey and I both laughed and goofed around while looking at more clothes the thrift shop had to offer.

That is until the front door bell ringed, letting everyone know that another costume has just walked in. I couldn't help but look through the mirror, while I was still browsing through the clothes, to try to get a glimpse of who walked in. I couldn't care less of who it was but I can't help when my curiosity gets peeked.

"Oh my god!" I gasped. Quickly covering my mouth when I realized how loud I was.

"What is it?" Lindsey asked as her eyes looked over to the costumer that just walked in. "Is that-?"

"Yes! That's Brock Baxter. The hottest guy in my school. The guy every girl swoons over, including me." I added that last part quickly.

"You mean that's the guy you were talking about? Him? Oh my!"

"I know! Isn't he a hunk?" I couldn't help but bite my lip as I watched him make his way over to the flower counter. Unlike the rest of the shop, the flowers they sold here weren't second hand.

"Oh my god. The way you described him on the phone, I never thought he was this gorgeous."

"I know and from what I heard around school he hasn't asked anyone to the prom yet, oh how I wish I could go to the prom with him. But that would never happen in a million years. I'm nothing like the girls he's into."

"What kind of girls is he into?"

"I don't know."

"Then how do you know you're not his type? You know what, why don't you asked him out?"

"Oh god no! I can't just walk up to him and say hi."

"Why not?"

"Well, um, because-"

"Go ask him."

Lindsey shoved me forward and I practicably almost rammed right into Brock, but luckily I caught myself before I did. Preventing myself from an embarrassing introduction.

"Um, hi... Brock," I stuttered. I tried to make eye contact with him which was hard because when I look him in the eyes I go speechless. "I'm Laura-"

"You're Laura-Jayne Starr. Yeah, I know. We have first and last period together and I think lunch, right?"

"Yeah!" Oh my gosh. He knows of my existence. "How'd you know?"

He chuckled and my heart melted. Why does he have to be so freaking gorgeous? And that laugh. I thought I was gonna get lightheaded.

"I'm not blind Laura. When there's a pretty girl in my class I take notice."

Pretty?! He thinks I'm pretty!

"You think I'm pretty?" Is all I managed to say. My face was turning a deep shade of red as Brock got closer to me.

"Yeah," he smiled. "Laura, you wanna go out sometime?"

"I would love to!" I responded quickly, maybe too quickly. Gosh I hope he didn't think I was desperate. You know what who cares. Brock Baxter just asked me out!

"Great. I'll pick you up tomorrow? That is if you don't have plans?"

"No tomorrow is great."

"Great see you then."


I could see Lindsey's face already, I didn't have to turn around to know that she heard everything and probably has one of those goofy grins on her face.  If she hadn't shoved me over to go talk to Brock he most likely would have never asked me out. I'm gonna end up owing Lindsey big time. But who cares I got a date with BROCK BAXTER! AHHH!!!

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