Saturday, June 30, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 3: Say Yes to the Dress

When I brought Opal home she instantly explored her new surroundings: checking every corner, sniffing every crack, and investigating every exit. Once she decided that the place was too her likely she made herself at home.
Opal was my little baby, my precious princess and she gets everything she wants. I treat her as if she was my child, and she is since I currently have no babies. I love her so very much and it was obvious from the day I first met her that she loves me too.
 After getting ready for my day out with the girls I walked downstairs for a little something to eat. There I was ambushed by Opal. She leaped into my arms and started purring and rubbing her head against my cheek. I laughed as I began to stroke her fur.
 "Awe does my Opal want some attention?" I asked as I lift Opal up in the air. She just meowed and I laughed again before placing her back on the ground.
 I turned to head into the kitchen when Newbie walked in. "You haven't left yet? I thought you wanted to get there early before the good dresses were taken?"
 "The girls will be here any minute. I just wanted to get something to eat first."
"Oh, okay. Have you decided on what kind of dress your gonna wear?"
"Sorry bud your gonna have to wait until your wedding day to find that out." Out of know where I hear Addy's voice call out from the doorway.
 I turned around and spot Addy and Love. They both waved and Addy said, "Come on Dawnie it's time to go. The dress shop opens in 20 minutes and we want to be the first ones there."
"Yeah, before the good dresses are taken. This is the biggest wedding dress sale of the year so you know there'll be bridezillas there," Love added.
 "But I haven't eaten yet," I pointed out before walking over to the girls.
"We'll pick something up on the way, now let's go."
"Alright I'm coming."
I waved goodbye to Newbie and was out the front door.
 We were the first ones to show up at the shop and not long after we arrived the rest of my bridesmaids showed up. I've decided on a total of 7 bridesmaids for my wedding if you include the maid of honor. There is Salline Trish, Love Sierra, Della Wriner, Violet Newbie, Calista Smith, and Ashby Lemi. Even though Ashby is the mother of the groom I still made her a bridesmaid. She has always been my friend even before I met Newbie, an it wouldn't be right not to include her. My maid of honor is Addy McKnight. I may have not known Addy as long as some of my other friends but she has been my best friend since day one.
 I stepped up in front of the mirror and examined myself. "So, what kind of dress should I wear at my wedding?" I asked the girls.
"How about a ball gown?" Calista suggested. A few of the girls nodded in agreement, so I looked at myself in the mirror again and imagined myself wearing a dress a princess would wear. "A Ball gown huh?"
 "A ball gown would be perfect for you Dawnie. It gives the illusion of curves," Addy said while looking at me in the reflection.
"What? I'm just saying your a little skinny that's all."
I just stick my tongue out at Addy, then I went to go try on the first dress.
 I walked back in wearing the first dress. I heard several of my friends gasp from how beautiful the dress looked, and I have to agree it is beautiful, but is it beautiful on me?
"I love it Dawn," Love said, smiling.
"I don't know. It does show off a little too much skin in the front though," Ashby pointed out.
I looked at the dress again, "Hmm. Maybe your right. There will be kids at the wedding, so the next dress then?"
The second dress was a little heavier then the first. It had a lot more going on, and the bottom was so much larger.
"So what do you think?" I asked as I turned to face my friends.
"I don't know. It seems a little.... much. Don't you think?" Violet said exactly what I was thinking. It was a little much.
 I checked out the dress in the mirror again.
"It's a little heavy too. I don't think I can handle an entire evening wearing this dress."
"Well then let's try the next one," Love ordered.
 10 minutes later I came out with another dress on. This one was just as beautiful as the others, plus it covered more then the first one and it was light weight.
"So?" I asked the girls again.
"Oh my gosh, Dawn, I'm in love with that dress," Della said.
 "Dawn I think that's the one, don't you think guys?" Salline added.
I looked at the dress on me in the mirror- checking it out from every angle, and making sure there was nothing wrong and more importantly, making sure that I love it on me.
 The more I looked at the dress the more I fell in love with it. It fit my figure so well, and it was beautifully designed. I could definitely see myself getting married in this dress.
 "Guys! I think this is the one. This is my dress."
"Dawn, I know my son and he will love this dress on you," Ashby smiled.
"You really think so?"
"I know so."
When I looked at myself again in the mirror, wearing the dress, I got emotional. I was getting married and to the man I love. In less then a month I will formally known as Mrs. Newbie Starr.
 I changed back into my regular clothes and purchased my dress, then I treated my friends to lunch at the bistro. We talked about the upcoming wedding and debated rather I'm gonna have a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. I'm leaning more towards a bridal shower, but that's up to my maid of honor to decide on which I'll be getting.
 After lunch we headed down the road to where a Sim-Fest was being held. There we enjoyed the show, and cheered for our favorite performers.
The day was great and I had a blast hanging with my friends. After such a long day everyone was pooped and ready to head home. I couldn't wait to go home and get some rest. More importantly be with my fiance and find out how his day went.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 2: Let's Talk About Babies

My dreams were consumed by nothing but diapers, toys, baby cribs, and morning sickness. Ever since Newbie and I agreed about having kids once we're married, my dreams were filled with everything baby. I can already see it now Newbie and I carrying our little baby home from the hospital, and Newbie smiling down at the little girl in his arms and...
"Dawn." My dream vanished in an instant as I heard Newbie whisper my name. I slowly open my eyes to see my fiance standing over me with a grin as bright as the sun.
 "Time to get up sleepy head. Our meeting with the real estate agent is in a couple hours."
I Lazily lift myself from my bed and stand beside Newbie. Yawning once, and rubbing my sleep filled eyes, I said, "Is the meeting today? I had completely forgotten."
Newbie chuckles and gently strokes my cheeks. "Yes, now get ready. I'll wait for you downstairs."
"Ha-ha. Alright." I smile and walk over to my dresser to get ready and Newbie left my room.
 In just a few hours Newbie and I are getting a tour of the house. He talks with the real estate agent about prices and I walk a little off to check a few of the rooms once more. The house was even more beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, which makes me want it even more. It was a little dark, but with a few more lights and lighter paint for the walls the place will bright right up.
 "Dawn?" Newbie calls from where he stood. I spun around quickly, I have not been paying attention so I was surprised when I suddenly heard Newbie call my name. I swiftly walk over to them with a smile on my face. I look at Newbie and ask, "So, do you like it?"
 Looking to the agent who stood silently and patiently waiting for an answer, he smiles. "When can we move in?"
"REALLY?! Oh Newbie this house will be perfect to start a family in."
I wrap my arms tightly around Newbie and the woman smiles at the happy couple before her. "You can move in at anytime."
It had been two weeks since we moved into our new home. Newbie and I had the entire house repainted on the inside to brighten up the place and had replaced all the carpets with hard wooden floors. We also added a few extra and more brighter lights to each room since the lighting before wasn't that great. Now we're settling in our comfy little home.
I once again found myself on the computer looking for possible a venue for the wedding, I've gone through and checked out tons of them but haven't found the right one, the one that will make the wedding perfect. I got on the computer hoping to check a few more out before my brothers arrived for the sorta engagement party. Not everyone could make it around the same time for the party, so a while ago Newbie and I decided that we would see both of our families at different times; that way we would have included everyone in the celebration of our engagement.
I was only on the computer for ten minutes before Newbie walked into the kitchen and leaned on the door frame. "Your brothers are here, sweetheart."
My head shoots up from the computer to Newbie. I quickly turn it off before running out of the room and to the front door, leaving Newbie in the kitchen alone.
I stepped outside just in time to see my family get out of their cars and walk up to the house. Dean was the first to see me and stopped to wave. "Hey Dawn! We're here," He yelled.
Dean looked really happy to see me after so long. We haven't seen each other since Sabrina and Doug's wedding a year ago. We have only talked on the phone since he lived in Sunset Valley.
Right behind Dean and Karen was Doug walking Sabrina to the house. Doug and Sabrina had hitched a ride with Dean since they too lived in Sunset Valley, and sharing a car would save gas and money.
And just to the left of them was Blake with his arms wrapped tightly around his wife's shoulder. Blake and Valentina had left their earlier then Dean or Doug or anyone since they lived in Twinbrook; it was much farther away from Hidden Springs then Sunset Valley was.
Everyone was here and ready to start the mini party for mine and Newbie's engagement; I couldn't be more happier to have my brothers here to celebrate it with.
The first hour of the party was non stop ramble about the wedding and our plans and if we set a date yet. But of course our family has a tendency to unable to talk about only one topic, so we ending up talking about babies and Sabrina's pregnancy was mixed in with the conversation shortly after. Sabrina is six almost seven months pregnant. Everyone was excited when Doug and Sabrina made announcement that she was pregnant 4 months ago. This will Doug's and Sabrina's first child, and they both seemed very excited to start the family they always wanted.
While the girls started talking about a possible baby shower for Sabrina my brothers and I went into the kitchen for some coffee and small talk of our own.
"So I went to the jeweler a few days ago and found the perfect ring. It's two carats and I had 'I love you' engraved inside the band."
"Dean you sure you wanna spent that much money on an engagement ring, what if Karen says no?"
I turned my head quickly and glared at Doug. "DOUG! Don't say that. We wanna support Dean and congratulate him, not give him doubts about proposing."
Doug shrugged and Blake chuckled at him. I looked at Dean and said, "I know you two will be very happy together, Dean."
Dean smiled. "Thank you, Dawn. I planned on a romantic dinner for two at the Bistro back in Sunset Valley, then we'll go for a walk on the beach and I plan on proposing at the same place we first met a few years ago."
"Awe, that's so sweet."
After our conversation about Dean's plans of proposing to Karen, Newbie came walking into the kitchen. He walks right up to me- wrapping his arms around my waist and giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"So you were gonna leave me in a room full of girls while you talk with your brothers? That's not how it works sweety."
"Awe. I'm sorry honey. You wanna hang with the guys, and I'll go hang with the girls? Will that be better?"
"A little."
I giggle and then I hear Blake do a small we're-still-here cough and my attention snaps back to my brothers.
"Well I better go. What kind of a hostess will I be to my guests if I just leave them sitting in the family room."
I unwrap Newbie's arms from my waist and give him one last kiss before walking back to the girls.
I stepped into the other room only to find that Valentina sat alone on the sofa. I walk around and took a seat beside her. "Why are you alone? Where did Sabrina and Karen go?"
"Oh Karen wanted to give Sabrina something she had in the car. They'll be right back."
"And you didn't go with?"
She narrowed her eyes. "Well it was for Sabrina's baby."
She looked upset or unhappy or something when she mentioned Sabrina's baby. In fact she wasn't at all part of the conversation when we all were talking about babies earlier. It made me assume that the word baby upsets her and I was curious to why. "Does baby things upset you?"
She quickly looked away, obviously not wanting to make any eye contact with me. "Valentina, is there something wrong?"
She shook her head as if she was gonna say no, but then changed her mind. She then leaned forward and softly whispered. "I'm pregnant and I haven't told Blake yet."
My eyes widen and I nearly jumped up to go run and congratulate Blake, but I stopped myself before I did. The fact that Blake doesn't know about the pregnancy prevented me from getting up and ruining Valentina's chance to tell her husband the news. But when I looked at Valentina she didn't seem at all thrilled about the whole thing. I had a feeling she was worried about how Blake will react to the news.
"Valentina you have to tell Blake. I know your probably worried that he wont be thrilled about the whole thing, but I know he will. We grew up in a family that loved kids, he babysat all the time in high school, he's a great uncle to all his nieces and nephews, and he joined a challenge or two himself and was a great father to them. You don't have worry, I know my brother."
"Oh, maybe your right. I don't know why I was so worried about telling him I was pregnant. Thank--"
"What?" Valentina's sentence was cut short as Blake's voice suddenly spoke from across the room.
Valentina jumped up from the sofa so fast I swear I felt a gust a wind hit me. She quickly spun around with her hand covering her mouth. "Oh my gosh, Blake!" All she could do was look in horror at Blake's shocked expression and wait for some kind of response. 
"Your pregnant Valentina?"
"Y-y-yes," she stuttered.
What came next came as a complete surprise to Valentina. Blake smiled. 
He nearly knocked over my side table as he ran to Valentina- lifting her high in the air and spinning her in circles.
"This is great news, why didn't you tell me sooner?"
Before she could respond Blake gently place her back on the ground and pulled her in for a kiss.
"I have to tell the others." Blake ran out of the room and into the kitchen yelling on the way, "I have some big news guys."
I busted into laughter at Valentina's expression. She looked hopelessly lost and confused and some what shocked at what just happened a few seconds ago. She would have never guessed that this would be the reaction she would get from her husband hearing that he's gonna be a daddy, but of course I knew. I knew all along.
A few hours later everyone was gone and again it was just me and Newbie. Cuddled up on the sofa- we were both exhausted from the night's events. All I wanted to do was go right to bed and fall asleep.
"So what do you have in store for tomorrow?" Newbie asked in between yawns.
"I'm going to Calista's place."
"Calista's place?"
"Yep, little Opal is all grown up now and I'm gonna take her home."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 1: Forgive and Forget

 My life after finishing my challenge just seemed to fly by. I mean it wasn't long before Oscar and Lessie became old enough to move out on their own and start lives of their own like many of my children have.
Oscar stayed in Hidden Springs and planned to stay for a couple years to train at the military base before hopefully heading over seas and into the real action- as he calls it.
Lessie had plans much different from her brother. She moved to Appaloosa Plains; where she adopted two large dogs. She is currently attempting the 100 puppy challenge with her new friend Sunshine Starr, child #6 of Ashby Lemi's 100 baby challenge.
As for Draaier, he is currently a teenager and is attending Hidden Springs High School. He's making good grades and seemed to be pretty popular among his classmates- especially the girls.
 Today was special day; it's Draaier's birthday. My youngest baby was now gonna become an adult and leave the nest. I would be lying if I say I wasn't upset, but I know every kid must grow up and as a mother I have to let him go.
I was in charge of heading down to the store to buy the cake. I would make his cake myself like I have with my other kids, but Draaier insists I buy the cake. He told me that he prefers store bought cake over homemade. I didn't take it personally; I was never really good at baking anyways. I payed the clerk the 15 Simoleons and walked out the store with cake in hand.
 I was just about to head to my car when I heard a familiar voice call out to be.
"Dawn?" I turned around, only to see Cassidy sitting in one of the near by benches. She looked up at me with a frown painted on her face and she looked upset. "Dawn can we talk?"
Cassidy motioned for me to sit beside her and strangely I did. I walked back towards the bench and sat down- placing the cake gently the ground by my feet.
"First of all I heard about your engagement with Newbie and I wanted to congratulate you." Cassidy hadn't wasted a precious second when I sat down to start talking. "And I wanted to apologize. I know what I've done to you and Newbie in the past is unforgivable but I'm hoping we can finally put the past behind us on and move on and I would really like it for us to be friends."
 I was caught off guard by Cassidy's apology and frankly I didn't know how to answer her the first 2 minutes after. Yes, Cassidy nearly broke up Newbie and I's friendship by turning Newbie against me, but she seemed to really want to make emends.
"Cassidy you hated me before, why do you want to be friends now?"
 "I was jealous then. You were so pretty and Newbie was the perfect guy. I had my heart broken many times by men because better girls came along. I didn't want it to happen again. But I'm putting it all behind me and I want to make it all better between us. What do you say? Friends?"
"Well I'm not sure about friends, but I'm willing to forgive and forget what happened between us, but I can't speak for Newbie."
 "Oh that's a relief, I almost thought you weren't gonna forgive me, and I understand you can't speak for Newbie but it's great to hear that I got your forgiveness. You know I feel just awful about everything I've ever done to you and Newbie. I'm just glad we can finally move on and possibly be friends some day."
 "Yes, maybe some day. Well I gotta get going, I have a cake that I need to get home to a eager teenage boy." I leaned over grabbed my cake bag and started towards the parking lot.
 I didn't go home right away, instead I drove around town for a while. I couldn't help but shake the feeling that me forgiving Cassidy was a mistake, but everyone deserves a second chance and I'm willing to give Cassidy that chance.
 While I was driving home I came across a lovely looking house here in Hidden Springs. It looked beautiful and stood right next to the lake. Wouldn't it be great to live here after Newbie and I get married? I can just imagine it now, Newbie and I siting on the front porch watching our kids playing in the yard. That is if we ever have kids. I mean Newbie and I never talked about possibly having kids together after getting married. Yes, we have our sons Dallas and Tucker, but it would be nice to have kids with my husband.
It was getting late so I headed home where Newbie was waiting for me on the porch. "Hey beautiful! where have you been? I thought you went out just to get a cake, not be gone all day."
I flashed him a smile and joined him over on the love seat. "Oh, I went for a drive around town."
 "Newbie I saw the most beautiful little home across town. It's right next to the lake and just a couple blocks down the road from where you proposed me. I think it'll be perfect for after we got married. I know you would want to see the house first but I love it so much and I know you'll love it too and--"
 "Dawn! I will do anything to make my girl happy. So if getting this house will make you happy then we'll get the house."
"Really? You mean it? Oh, Newbie! Thank you!"
 I threw my arms around Newbie's neck, nearly knocking him off his seat, and gave him a long kiss passionate kiss. I didn't want to let Newbie go, I wanted to keep my arms around him forever and ever. I couldn't of found a more amazing guy to be engaged to.
 When we finally released from our kiss Newbie looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Now let's get inside and celebrate a birthday. I'm sure Draaier has been waiting long enough."
 Draaier stood proudly by his cake- smiling at the crowd of family and friends cheering him on. It was a big day for everyone. Draaier was becoming an adult, I was losing my youngest baby, and it finally means my challenge is officially over. Now all I have is Newbie.
 We all sung and cheered for Draaier when he began to lower his head and blow out his candles. It wasn't long after that he became a handsome young man and looking just like his daddy.
 Everyone surrounded the cake in the matter of seconds after Draaier grabbed his piece and took his seat. The cake was gone in minutes- leaving nothing but crumbs and a cake knife. I probably should have grabbed two cakes for this birthday boy, but at least everyone got a slice- even though that slice wasn't much.
The party went great. Everyone ate cake, congratulated Draaier on his big day, and we all got caught up in each other's lives. It was all going smoothly, but once everyone started leaving I started getting a little emotional. Draaier was leaving, my last baby was leaving me. Who knows when or if I'll ever have more kids.
When 8pm rolled around everyone was gone- including Draaier. The house was empty besides Newbie and I. I started to get a little teary eyed as I began to really realize that my challenge is over and all my kids are gone. Newbie seemed to notice that I was upset and grabbed my hands in attempted to comfort me.
"Don't worry Dawn, you'll he him again soon. It's not like he's gone forever."
"It's not why I'm upset."
"It isn't?" Newbie looked at me questionably.
"I miss having babies to take care of, and I'm scared you might not want any more kids with me."
Lowering his head and shaking it back and forth- Newbie chuckles. He smiles as he looks back at me.
"Dawn, there's nothing more that I want to do than have more kids with the woman I love."
My face lit up when Newbie said this and I couldn't contain my excitement. "What?! You really want more kids with me after we're married?"
"Of course. As many as you like."
A tear fell down my face and I ran in Newbie's arms. Knowing that Newbie wanted more kids just as much as I did made me want start the wedding planning as soon as possible.