Saturday, December 1, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 13: Familiar Faces

"Look, Mommy! I made a sun."

"That's wonderful sweetheart. You're gonna be a great painter when your older."

"No! I wanna be pet doctor. I'm gonna make people's pets feel better."

"Well your gonna be a great pet doctor one day."

Little LJ and I spent our afternoon painting in the activity room, making beautiful pictures, while we waited for Newbie to come home from the Hospital. 

A week ago we heard there were new neighbors in town and when we heard they had a child around 5 years old, we had to meet them. With LJ only being 2 there weren't many kids living in town around her age. We made the decision to go and visit this new family and maybe LJ could make a new friend.
When Newbie finally got home LJ and I got ready to visit the new neighbors. Of course LJ didn't want to leave just yet without saying goodbye to the cats. I swear that girl just loves Storm and Opal. They're inseparable, I would always find Opal or Storm hanging around her. It's almost like she understands them and they understand her. But I guess that's what happens when you're an animal lover.
The new neighbors moved into a home that was just a couple blocks away from us. When we pulled up the driveway the place was huge. It had a large yard and what looked like a barn in the back that held whatever kinds of animals inside.

We walked up the short amount of steps, with LJ in Newbie's arms, and knocked on the front door. There were sounds of feet shuffling on hard wood floor coming from inside and then the front door swung open, showing two people inside.
"Hi!" Said the woman that stood in front of Newbie. "Oh my gosh, Fallon, it's the couple from the island."

"Oh it is isn't it. What a surprise."

I looked to Newbie with a confused look on my face and he returned that same confused look back at me. "Excuse me?" Newbie asked.

"Wakiki island three years ago. Remember? I'm Fallon and this is my wife, Rachel."

It seemed to click in both of our minds at the same time, because we both smiled and laughed. "Oh my god, I can't believe it's you. What are the odds that you two would move to our town," I said in a half laugh.

"Yeah. Let's talk more inside," Rachel offered as she stepped aside to allow us to pass.
We walked inside and barely got the chance to sit before Rachel started talking. "I see you have a daughter. She's the most adorable little thing I ever did see. Oh I always wanted a daughter."

"Yeah, she's our little LJ," Newbie smiled.

"LJ? That's cute is that short for something?"


"Adorable name."

My eyes turned from Newbie to Rachel and Fallon and asked, "What made you move to Hidden Springs?"

Fallon was the first to answer, "Oh we moved around a lot for the past 10 years of being married, we figured it was time for a permanent home for our son's sake. Hidden Springs seemed like wonderful town, it's not too big or too small."

"Son? Oh I remember you mentioning about a son when we first met. Can we meet him?" I asked, hoping to finally meet their little boy and hopefully LJ can have a little friend to play with.
"JIMMIE!! COME HERE BOY!!" Yelled Fallon.

Soon a little boy came running out of the other room. He was laughing as he ran with his arms stretched out to the side like he was some kind of plane. When he got to the couches, he said, "Yes daddy?"

In the corner of my eye I saw LJ's head shoot up from her daddy's shoulder to the little boy by Rachel and Fallon.

"JIMMIE!!!", LJ yelled as she pulled herself away from Newbie and onto the floor.
She darted over to the little boy, calling his name as she did. Jimmie seemed to notice her and yelled, "Jayne!"
They both ran into each other's arms and into a great big hug. I looked to LJ shocked. "LJ, is this the Jimmie from Twinbrook?"

"Yes, mommy."
I looked to Rachel, who looked just as shocked by this as me. "You were in Twinbrook?", I asked right away.

"Why, yes. We were there for a horse show. I took Jimmie to the park and afterwards he continued to talk about a girl name Jayne. I guess LJ is Jayne, huh?"

"I guess so," Newbie added.

"Small world this is," Fallon laughed.

We all laughed in unison and continued to talk about anything and everything.
Off to the distance, Jimmie took LJ's hand and led her out of the room. "Come on, Jayne. I'm gonna show you my room."

"Okay," She giggled.

We all smiled at our kids and Rachel suggested that me and her go follow them. I didn't argue and we both trailed behind the two, leaving the guys alone in the living room.
Jimmie took LJ to his room and they played with some of his toys, but then they just sat on the floor talking.

"Surprise!", Jimmie said at one point when he hugged LJ from behind. 

They both giggled and LJ playfully slapped him in the arm. "JIMMIE! You scared me!"

Rachel and I couldn't help smile at each other as we continued to watch them from the crack of the door.
 "I'm gonna kiss you Jimmie," LJ giggled.


"Because I like you." LJ leaned over by Jimmie gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Rachel and I couldn't control the loudness in our voices and we both yelled, "AWE!!!" Thankfully neither LJ or Jimmie heard, but we both left after that. 

"I see wedding bells in the future," Rachel laughed as she started walking back down the stairs towards the guys.

I laughed too and added,"Don't tell Newbie what we saw. No need to worry him about our daughter liking boys already."

"Haha. No worries."
 A few hours later it was time to leave. When we went searching for LJ to take her home, we found her asleep in Jimmie's arms on his bedroom floor. It was such an adorable sight that we almost didn't want to wake them up.

8 Years later
 "Jimmie I was thinking that we should make our snowman a ballerina," LJ said as she padded the lumpy snow that is the snowman's chest.

"No way! I wanna make HIM a wrestler."

"Ew!! No! Wrestlers are all sweaty."
 "Fine, how about a hockey player?"

"I like hockey. Do you have a helmet or a hockey stick?"

"Yeah. My dad has one in the garage from when he played hockey in college."

"Do you think he'll let us use it for our snowman?"

"Yeah. I'll go get it, hang on."
 Jimmie ran off to fetch his dad's helmet, stick, and gloves and together, him and LJ finished the snowman.

LJ jumped up and down and wrapped her arms around Jimmie's stomach, almost throwing him into the snow. "Yay! Our snowman looks awesome."

"Hey, lil Jay, be careful you almost knocked me over in the snow," Jimmie said catching himself before he fell.

"Whoops!", LJ giggled. "And I'm not little. I'm only three years younger than you."

"You're still littler than me," Jimmie joked.

LJ stuck her tongue out at Jimmie and then giggled.
 She then jumped into the snow and started to make herself a snow angel. "Jimmie make a snow angel with me." Jimmie didn't argue and jumped into the snow with LJ and made himself a snow angel too.
 "Laura-Jayne it's time to go. Tell Jimmie goodbye," I yelled.  It was another day at the Park's place and another goodbye, Laura-Jayne always hates the goodbyes. She hates to leave Jimmie. We used to let them have sleepovers but that stopped 4 years ago. No more sleepovers when puberty is near is what Newbie always said. I didn't argue with him on that but Laura-Jayne hated it.
 "You're still coming to my birthday party this Saturday, right?"

"Yes, silly. You only turn 14 once."

"You only turn every age once, lil Jay."

"Shut up, you knew what I meant."
 Laura-Jayne and Jimmie both laughed and gave each other a big hug. "Hey can I walk you guys home?", Jimmie asked with a hopeful smile.

"I don't know. Gotta asked my parents," LJ said as she turned her head back at us, "Momma, Daddy, can Jimmie walk us home?"

"If his parents say it's okay," I smiled. 

Their little faces lit up in a great big smile and then they both vanished from our sights and were running into Jimmie's house to ask his parents. They disappeared behind the front door and Newbie and I were left alone in the snow.
Newbie and I looked away from the door the same time and smiled at me.  Taking my hands in his, he swung them from side to side, smiling and starring into my eyes.

"When shall we tell her?"

"Tell her what? About the pregnancy?"

"What else? I mean, she's gonna be a big sister. I'm sure she'll be excited about the news."

"Hmm. How about Tomorrow morning? No need to excite her this late, or she'll be up all night."

"Good point. Tomorrow morning we'll tell her."



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