Sunday, October 14, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 9: Part 3 of 3: Returning Home

When we got the chance we left the cafe and started walking down the road to who knows where. We were just walking until Maribel called us. It was obvious that she wasn't 100% sure how to get us back but I sure hoped she'd figure it out soon, I don't want to spend my remaining days in an alternate universe and I'm sure Addy and Logan don't either.
My phone rang once again with Maribel's name plastered on the scream. I quickly answered the phone with a somewhat irritated voice.
"Maribel please tell me you can get us home this time. All this jumping places is making me nauseous."
"Well, um, you're not suppose to feel sick, but I might have it this time. I'm telelporting you guys now."
There was barely a flash and it looked like we hadn't moved at all. We were in the exact same spot as before. Did she make a mistake, or is this another universe and we just jumped into the same exact spot?
The question was answered when a flash of blue appear in our vision in front of us. It was obviously another alternate Addy.
"I wonder why she's going to the cemetery?" I looked over to Addy, wondering if maybe Addy had a relative buried in Hidden Springs. Apparently not because she had no clue where she was going.
"I have no idea, I wonder whose grave is in there," Addy said.
"Obviously someone who isn't dead in our universe is dead in this one."
"Someone Addy knows," Logan added.
We followed a fair distance behind her and when she entered the cemetery, we stayed outside the metal rails.
"Can you see who's grave it is?" Logan asked, trying to see if he could read the headstone by holding the metal bars and standing on his toes.
Addy and I both looked at Logan with an, are you serious, look and Addy said, "Logan how are we suppose to see anything from way over here?"
Without saying anything more, we all turned and looked back at the other Addy, who finally stopped in front of one of the graves in back.
She looked down at the headstone and after a minute of not saying anything she began to speak.
"I'm so sorry. It's all my fault, I should have gone with you to Bridgeport, I could have been there when they discovered your plans and ambushed you. I could have protected you or helped you get away."
Addy whipped away a few of her tears that were beginning to fall done her cheek. Without either of us knowing someone else had walked into the cemetery.
"Addy what are you doing here?"
"Newbie! I, well, I'm here to see my friend of course."
"You still miss her huh?"
"It's my fault Newbie, she died because I didn't go with her."
"It's not your fault, Addy, you would have never known that would happen in Bridgeport."
"It doesn't matter. The guilt will always be there."
"It's been 4 years."
"I will forever be guilty until I get Wei back for killing my friend. He will pay for the day he killed Dawn."
"Just know I will always be here for you Addy. I miss Dawn, just as much as you. I too feel guilty for never telling Dawn how I feel, now I can never tell her."
Addy turned around and gave Newbie a friendly hug.
"We can miss Dawn together. Let her memory live on. We can never forget our great friend."
The alternate Addy and Newbie left and once they were gone I ran into the cemetery and straight to the grave they were just at.
I stopped and stood, looking down at the grave. I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Right there in front of me, right before my eyes, written in stone, was my name, Dawn Turner. This was my grave, my grave.
I fell to my knees, my hands covering the sides of my face. Wei had killed me in Bridgeport, when I went to kill him. I had never gotten the chance, he found out, he killed me. Only then I knew that if he had killed me then he must have killed Lerk as well. This upset me, much more then it should have. Adding more pain to my already heavy heart, if I was killed in Bridgeport, then I never finished my challenge.
It began to rain and I couldn't get myself to move. I just sat there, not moving, for 5 minutes. There was nothing but silence, other then the sound of the rain.
My phone began to ring and we all knew who it was. Since I couldn't get myself to answer, Addy answered for me. My head began to spin and I felt sick to my stomach. Addy said something to me about going home but the sound was drowned out by the pounding rain.
I began to stand but my weak knees caused me to fall back down. Addy tried to help me off the ground but I saw spots in front of my eyes and ended up fainting in her arms.
"Dawn! Dawn! Can you hear me? Are you alright?"
Logan tried to help me walk but I couldn't move. I heard Logan suggesting that he'd carry me instead, then everything went black.
It seemed only like a few minutes, but it was more likely a few hours. I became aware that I was in a bed but I had no idea who's bed, my bed, or someone else's. I just laid there with my eyes close, listening for any clues to where I was.
I finally opened my eyes and was instantly blinded by the white room I was in. I leaned up from the bed and rubbed my eyes until my vision cleared and I could see shapes.
The first thing I saw was Newbie sitting in a chair across the room. He was wearing his hospital uniform and looked very tired. I made a slight moan and this caused Newbie to turn his head and become aware that I was awake.
"Dawn!", Newbie shouted, as he got up and ran over to the bed. I got up as well and met him halfway across the room.
He took my hands in his and looked me in the eyes.
"I'm so glad to see you're awake. When I heard about what happened I ran right over from my office."
"Am I really home? This isn't another universe or a dream or something?"
"No you're home. You've been home for awhile, 5 hours actually."
"5 hours? What happened? Where's Addy and Logan and why am I in the hospital?"
"The jumping universes made you weak. Addy and Logan are fine, they're at home right now."
"Wait, if the universe travel made me weak then why aren't Addy and Logan in the hospital as well?"
"It had a bigger effect on you, Dawn, with your condition and all."
"What condition?"
Newbie was leaving something out and I was about to find out what. He led me back to the bed and knelt down to the ground. Holding my hands and smiling up at me, Newbie took a quick inhale.
"Newbie, what condition? Why did the traveling make me weak and not Addy and Logan, why?"
Newbie chuckled and then said, "Dawn, you're pregnant."
Hearing that I was pregnant, surprisingly shocked me. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I was pregnant. We weren't trying to have a baby and I figured the sickness I was feeling was from the travels. It never occurred to me that I was only one that felt sick whenever we landed in a new universe.
I was pregnant. I suddenly felt nauseated again, but this time it was a good thing.


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