Saturday, October 13, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 9- Part 2 of 3: Jumping Places

"So what do we do now?", I asked Maribel once I was able speak. The shock of us actually being in an alternate universe left me speechless and took me a minute to let it all sink in. Now that we knew the problem, I wanted to know how to get out.
"Well I was able to track which universe you were sent to, but I'm gonna need a minute to figure out how to bring you back. You can explore a bit but don't travel to far and try to keep your distance from the locals."
I clicked end and looked up at Addy and Logan. They knew what Maribel told me from the expression on my face but mostly from the fact that the volume on my phone was on full blast and you can hear the other end without the speaker being on.
"What do we do now, Dawn?" Addy asked when I place my phone back in my pocket.
"I don't know about you two but I'm dying to know what universe this is," Logan added in.
Despite our messed up situation, secretly we all wanted to know where we were.
Addy and Logan went ahead, I stay further behind, looking at my surroundings  I recognized that we were still in Hidden Springs and the location we headed to first was a well known spot in town, well it is in our universe at least.
We made it to the top of the hill and immediately heard voices. As we got closer, we saw a few people in the distance.
Not wanting anyone seeing us, we jumped behind the bathrooms that were, thankfully, close by. Peering our heads around the wall, we watched what seemed to be a some kind of ceremony.
It was a wedding and from where we stood they just finished saying their vows and were exchanging rings, but there was some familiar about this couple.
Our ears were wide open and we heard the priest announce, "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Lerk Bitemen."
My eyes widen and I recognized that it was Lerk and this was his wedding. When they released their kiss, Lerk said, "I love you, Dawn."
A shocked expression was glued to all our faces when we heard Lerk's words.
"Did he just say your name Dawn?" Addy asked, still looking ahead.
"Yep! I guess we know what universe this is," I responded.
"But where's Newbie?"
"Over there?", Logan said, pointing to the man walking away from the wedding.
Newbie walked over to Breeze and she was holding a child in her arms. The little girl looked just like Breeze with Newbie's hair. In this universe I marry Lerk instead and I guess Newbie ended up with Breeze.
Once it was clear we made a dash back down the hill before anyone could see us. My phone started to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it.
"Dawn, you ready to head home?"
"You bet, so what do we do?"
"Nothing just let me do all the work."
All three of us stopped once we reached the bottom of the hill and just like before, there was a large flash of white and our surroundings changed.
When the white faded we were at the Hidden Springs public pool.
"Where are we?", Logan asked.
"I have no idea."
"Maybe we just missed the science facility?" said Addy.
"I sure hope so."
We were no where near the science facility which can either mean we landed outside the science facility or missed home completely and were now in another universe.
I was about to pull out my phone and call Maribel when a man about my age approached me. I never saw him coming and by the time I did see him it was too late to hide.
"Hi, I've never seen you here in town. What's your name?"
"Um, I'm Dawn. Dawn Starr."
"Nice to meet you Dawn, I'm Dan, Dan Turner and-"
"Hey Dan who's that?", a young man called out to the young man in front of me. He ran over and stood beside Dan and smiled at me and my friends. He had blue hair that was the exact same color as Addy's.
"This is my friend Aden McKnight."
"And these are my friends Addy and Logan."
We all shook hands and shared smiles. It was like looking in a mirror, Dan looked like some of my sons from my challenge and by his name I assume he's related to my alternate self, same as Aden McKnight and Addy.
"Who's that cutie over there?" Logan asked, checking out a young woman on the other side of the pool. We all turned our heads and saw a girl with long blond hair, wearing a pink diesel bathing suit.
Both Dan and Aden smiled and called out to the woman in pink. "Hey Lora come over here!", Dan shouted, "This is our friend Lora Fey."
Lora turned around and walked over to us, smiling on her way over.
When all three of them stood side by side it finally hit me, they're not related to our alternate selves, they are us. I knew that Addy and Logan finally got it as well because I saw the embarrassment on Logan's face and Addy trying so hard not to laugh.
We got out of there as quickly as we could, and Maribel called my phone just as we left the pool. I didn't even check the caller id and answered it right away.
"Maribel, what happened? I thought we were going home?"
"I know, but remember we never tested on living things before. I'm gonna try again."
"Alright, but we don't want to be jumping places."
"Alright. I'm teleporting you guys now."
I placed my phone back in my pocket just in time for another flash of white light to consume us and send us to another place.
When the flash died done we were faced with ourselves, our alternate selves, standing in front of the only exit of the building we were in. They didn't seem to notice us at all, which was a good thing because I don't know how we would react to another one of us suddenly appearing out of nowhere. We stood in the back and tried not to get noticed until it was clear for us leave.
We stood and watched and what we saw was not what we were expecting. Addy walked over Dawn, me, whatever, and smiled a seductive smile.
Then she leaned over and her and Dawn started making out, right in public. Did not see that coming.
I quickly looked away and my face turned every shade of red, while Addy stood frozen in place, shocked about what she saw. Logan just stood behind us and started laughing.
"I have to say you two do make a cute couple."
Addy and I spun our heads and glared at Logan who was still laughing at the scene. I was gonna give him a big punch on his shoulder when the front door squeaked and someone walked in.
It was cute brunette man, with blue highlights in his hair.
He walked right over to Logan and took his hand.
"Hey baby, you miss me?"
"The entire time you were gone."
The man in blue smiled and leaned over to give Logan a big kiss on the lips.
Addy and I started laughing so hard we could barely breathe. Logan just stood there mad, guess not liking that we were now laughing at him.
"Okay, no more laughing. I want to go home. Now!"


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    1. LOL! I'm so glad you liked it! Laughing is good, real good. xD

  2. OMG Dawn this was a great post. I laughed and loved it so much. Awe Breeze and Newbie's baby...toooooo cute. I wonder what would happen if Ashby went into an alternate universe? Gosh loving this idea.


    1. Laughing is what I was hoping for! :D
      Yes their baby is so cute, one of my favorite sims to appear in this chapter.
      Ashby should so totally go to an alternate universe, I would love to see that. :D

  3. Oh my gosh, I loved those alternate universes. So funny! XD

    ~Calista Smith

  4. ROTFL.

    This chapter just made me laugh so much!

    Great Chapter!

    1. I never expected so many people to get a kick out of this post. I'm so glad you all like it. :D

    Sorry that I'm just reading this, I love it!
    I'm dying, I thought I was hot LOL.
    Addy and Dawn kissing and then Logan kissing some guy was hilarious.
    Great chapter as always!


    Logan XOXO