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Generation 1, Chapter 6: Dear Diary, What a Reception

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Dear Diary, 
What a Reception. I mean I couldn't ask for a better one. All my family and friends were there and I had the time of my life.

I sat at the computer in the kitchen and began to write in my computer dairy. It's a diary I only had for a few months, I started it just after finishing my challenge. I love writing in it and typing about my day. Even though the reception and wedding was the day before, I decided to fill in the entry today since I still had just enough time before the taxi will get here.
Unlike the wedding the reception was held indoors, the room was beautifully decorated in white and lavender colors to go along with the weddings color theme. The three layer cake stood tall on the buffet table. The little bride and groom sat happily on top the cake, reflecting the way Newbie and I were feeling that day.
 The reception started off with Newbie and I's first dance. We slowed dance to 'A Moment Like This' by Kelly Clarkson, while everyone watched in awe. I swear I thought I saw Ashby pat her eyes dry of tears and whisper something to Asher. Who can blame her though, it was her son's wedding.
 After the song ended we heard a repeated clinking noise,like someone tapping a drinking glass, I didn't know who it was but soon someone joined them and then another until the sound was ringing throughout the room and Newbie and I had no choice but share a kiss in front of everyone. We didn't want to disappoint.
 Afterwards everyone started to mingle and Newbie and I walked around, thanking our friends and family for being there and gave extra thanks to the people that gave a wedding gifts. We found Ashby sneak out the room at one moment during the party and came back with a man by her side. I didn't know who he was until we walked up to them and Ashby introduced him as Newbie's father.
By his looks I would have never guessed he was the father of my husband, since he got all his looks from Ashby. He was sweet and very funny, and I saw a lot of Newbie's personality in him. Later he asked for a dance; I couldn't refuse, he is my father-in-law. :)
 Dean did finally show up for the wedding shortly after the vows started, and he made sure to be one of the first people to show for the reception. He came with is fiance, Karen, and his son Gene, who he now gets to see since Gene is 18. Gene is a senior in high school and plans to join the police force after graduation.
 Blake and Valentina weren't very much into the party, they were paying all their attention to each other and the fact that Valentina was due any day. Blake didn't leave her side all night. I think it's the new father jitters or something, either that he was afraid that if he left she would go into labor.
 Doug were there with his wife, Sabrina, and his new son Moises. I was happy to finally see my new nephew, he's pushing 6 months now. I think I should have met him sooner, but I understand that they live in Sunset Valley and that's pretty far to just come and visit me, but still. -_- Anyways it was nice meeting him, he seemed to enjoy the party but eventually fell asleep around 9.
 I was super excited to see that my cousins showed up. Don aka Donnie and Minny Turner. I hadn't seen Minny since my mom's funeral and I hadn't seen Don since my high school graduation. Donnie is the only one in my family that actually looks most like me. We share the same features, he has the purple eyes, and the beauty mark under the eye. People say we could almost be twins.
Donnie had two girls named Song and Rue from joining Ashby Lemi's challenge, and they were there too. They spent most of the night hanging with their dad and mom. Ashby loved catching up in their lives.
 Their were rumors running around that Minny was flirting with a man by the bar. Some people said it was a party crasher, but other people said it was Quinn. I don't know, but I hope Minny knows what she's getting into, those Starr/Bright/Lemi boys can steal your heart. I know, I married one. Lol. xD
 Anyways, I got to see my beautiful little girls yesterday too. Little Lyuba and Lyuka! I love them so much. I thank Logan so much for bringing them. It was hard for me to stay away from them. Newbie literally had to pull me away when Logan had to take them home. But I did get to see them and they kept me happy the entire time they were there.
After my girls left, Dallas and Tucker suddenly showed up. LATE!!! But Newbie and I were so happy to see them after all these years. Tucker's wife couldn't make it but Dallas told us that he has been seeing this girl and says she may be the one. Can you believe it? Newbie and I's boys are growing up. 
I hadn't seen Lerk since the wedding ceremony, but he did finally show up around 10 with the girl he was telling me about. Her name is Cali Knight and I stood there talking to her for 10 minutes before I was called away to see this cute little thing that Moises did. Eventually Lerk found a way to talk to me and I told me what a wonder girl Cali was. She was sweet and censer and loved to smile and make people laugh. I could see there was real love between the two from the sparkle I saw in both their eyes whenever they looked at each other. I'm so happy that Lerk found someone special.
 The party went smoothly, the girls danced on the dance floor, joked around and pretty much had the time of their lives. I was so glad they had as much fun as I did.
 At one point Violet and Deacon got on the karaoke machine and entertained everyone at the party with their singing. They sung 'We Will Rock You' by Queen and by request 'I'm Blue' by Eiffel 65. They had everyone cheering and clapping. I certainly enjoyed the entertainment.
 Salline seemed to enjoy being a ghost because at the party she was going around and scaring people, just for the kicks. I would have gotten mad but to see that look on Addy's face when Salline got her from behind was priceless. XD
 Some other challenge moms were there, like Christy Quinn, Alina Taylor, and Love Sierra. Even though they all couldn't make it they still sent their wishes. I love my friends so much.
 The party was great and I'm super excited that almost everyone was there. The party just couldn't get more perfect, but of course around midnight something crazy happened, Valentina went in labor. Man, you should have seen Blake freak out. It took Dean and Doug 10 minutes to calm him down and Dean offered to drive them to the hospital.
Now it's 12 in the afternoon and I haven't heard from my brother for 3 hours, which most likely means that she hasn't given birth yet, but I will be waiting for that call you bet. I can't wait to find out if I will be getting a new nephew or my first niece.

"DAWN!! THE TAXI IS HERE, LET'S GO!", Newbie yelled out from down the hall. The taxi was here to take us to the airport so we could officially start our honeymoon. Last night I told him that we're waiting until our honeymoon officially begins. I think he was a little upset, but hey!
The party was great, the wedding was great and I'm betting the honeymoon will be just as great. I'm so happy to be married to Newbie and finally call him my husband, and now forever I will be Mrs. Dawn Starr. Lol. It's ironic, my name, I never did think of that until just yesterday, but hey that's one heck of name if you ask me and I wouldn't change it for the world.

In the corner of my eye I saw a fuzzy colored thing jump up on the desk as I typed. It was Storm, Newbie and I's newest little kitty we adopted from Kristine Bell, now Kristine Turner. She had married my son, Draaier (Baby 100), just recently.
Storm let out a big meow, probably telling to wrap things up because I have to go. It's not like they're gonna hold the plan just for us, not to mention traffic at the airport.
"Alright Storm. I'm almost done."

I'm gonna wrap things up for this diary entry, since I have to leave for my honeymoon. But I just have to say this one thing before I go. Follow your dreams, and never let the man you love go. Always speak your feelings, because you'll never know the outcome. 
Peace, Love, Happiness
Dawn Turner Starr
Newbie had enough of waiting and came into the kitchen looking for me, but by that time I had already logged off and was on my out the door. "You have the bags packed?"
"Yep. They're in the taxi now. Now let's hurry so we don't miss our plane."
"We're not gonna be late. We're gonna make the plane."
"I wanna be early, just in case. I don't want us to miss our honeymoon."
"Is that what all men think about now a days is the honeymoon? What about the wedding itself?"
"It's just I can't wait to have you all to myself for the whole two weeks we're gone. No distractions, just us together."
I kissed Newbie on the cheek, then place my head gently on his shoulders. "I love you."
"I love you too, hun."
I looked behind us and down at Opal and Storm who seemed to be following us to the door. Smiling I said, "You two be good while we're gone. Don't go getting into to much trouble," I looked up back at Newbie with some worry in my eyes.
"It's okay. She wont forget. Addy knows how much you love them, she wont let them starve."
I breathed sighed of relief, smiling we walked hand in hand to the front door, and out to the awaiting and impatient taxi driver. 

I hope you enjoy these few wedding photos:
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  1. Dawn and Newbie... *sigh* That was a great reception! I'm so happy Lerk got a girl. I was feeling so sorry for him after Dawn realized she loved Newbie.

    Dawn's kitties are so adorable! ;) I can't wait to hopefully see their kittens!

    Gah, I hope the honeymoon is just as gorgeous as their wedding was. Can't wait for the next post!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thank you and I'm happy that Lerk has found someone now too. :D
      Yeah they are great and maybe they will have kitties. ;)
      I'm currently working towards the honeymoon, I hope it turns out great as well. :D

  2. ^_^ Like I said before, they are the cutest couple ever.

    I'm so happy Lerk found someone <3

    I can't wait to see the honeymoon :D


    1. Yes they are, thank you. ^_^
      I happy he found someone too. I hope they have a happy life together.
      I'm working on that so stay tune. :D

  3. This was such a great post. I loved all the pictures and...hey wait you are now my daughter-in-law...Oh wow... Yippie. Only thing missing was a pic of Newbie and Quinn together.

    Can't wait for the next installment.

    Ashby AKA Mom.

    1. Lol, Yeah Dawn is now Ashby's daughter-in-law, how exciting. :D
      Yeah I realized that, but you'll see him again in a future chapter. :)
      Thank you and stay tune. :)

  4. Lovely post<3 love it, actually!
    As for scaring people... It's all in good fun. Maybe one day you'll find out. Addy sure can make a good scare hilarious(;

    1. Thank you.
      Lol, yeah, I thought it would be funny to have Salline scare some guests. It makes for an interesting party. :D
      Yes, Addy being scared is hilarious. :D

  5. Oh god, this was one of the weddings in virtual history, haha!

    I really loved the reception and it was great to see all the family & friends back again!

    Great post Hailey (Dawn).

    1. Aw, Thank you. ^_^ That would be cool if it was one of the best.
      Thank you and I'm glad that Dawn had all those people there to celebrate her and Newbie's wedding day. :D
      Thank you again. Lol.

  6. OMG! I loved this post, Dawn! :) I'm so glad you married Newbie and... Uh... Dawn Starr is a 'cool' name ;)

    1. Thank you. :D
      I'm so happy they are together. :3
      Yes, Dawn Starr, is a cool name. :)

  7. I loved that!

    I don't usually comment but... There is a first time for everything!

    Jolly good.

    Ebony Malone (100electra-fyingbabies)

    1. Thank you!
      Well I'm glad I get the honor to have your first comment. ^_^ lol.