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Generation 1, Chapter 5: Smile, It's Your Wedding Day!

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Before you start reading I suggest you check out this post from my friend and fellow challenge parent, Logan Fey. Dawn joined his challenge (mentioned it in the previous chapter)and gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. Read and find out their names here.
I quickly picked up my phone to answer it once I saw it was my brother, Dean. "DEAN! Where are you? You were suppose to be here by now. You're suppose to give me away in an hour!"
"I know, I know, I'm sorry. I was suppose to pick up Karen, then she had a dress crisis and we had to run out and get her a new dress and-"
"Dean! When will you be here?"
"Oh, um, not for another hour and a half."
"What! Dean I need you to give me away. I can't have the groomsmen give me away and dad is no longer with us."
"I know, that's why I called in a favor. He will be there to give you away in 45 minutes."
The phone was soon cut off after that. I didn't get the chance to ask who was taking me down the aisle.
I clicked the end button and sighed. My 3 bridesmaids looked at me with concern.
"Dawn, is he coming?", Addy asked first.
"Dean wont be here in time, so he sent someone else," I answered, looking at the white wall.
"Who?", Violet asked right away.
"I don't know."
I walked away from them and took a seat by my make up area and looked at myself in the mirror. The girls were right behind me, eager to get the answers out of me.
"What do you mean you don't know, Dawn?"
"I mean Dean didn't tell me who it was before he was cut off. I know nothing, besides that he'll be here in 45 minutes, Addy."
There was a short silence before Salline suddenly spoke. "But what if the back up guy is late?"
"SALLINE!", Addy yelled.
"You can't get the bride all worried," Violet added in.
When I heard Violet call me a bride I couldn't help but smile on the inside. Knowing that in a couple hours I would be married to the man I love, was the only thing keeping me from screaming.

**Newbie's P.O.V**
"How much longer now?", I asked, turning and walking across the room for the millionth time.
"Same time it was 5 seconds ago, cool it bro you'll be fine; this is your wedding day," Quinn said, arms crossed and still leaning against the wall beside the couch.
Logan just sat there and watch with amusement. My pacing must be something funny. Obviously he has never been married and wouldn't know the nervousness that I'm feeling at the moment.
I turned again for another lap around the room when Quinn pushed himself up off the wall and stopped me grabbing my shoulders and holding still. "Newbie just relax, you'll be fine. In 20 minutes you'll be standing by the alter and Dawn will come down the aisle, very happy to see you, you'll say your vows and you two will be married and live happily ever after. Now please stop pacing because your making a dent in the carpet."
"You're right. I have nothing to worry about. This is a happy day."
"That's my brother. Think positive. Now Logan and I have to get going and see if the other groomsmen are ready. So you can stay here for a little longer if you like, but just be out there in 10 minutes."
I released a large sigh and said Thanks before Quinn nodded and walked out the room, with Logan right behind him.
When the door closed, I walked over and sat by the mirror, starring at my reflection. A few minutes later the door knob clicked and the door suddenly open. I was just about to asked who it was when a flash of yellow and red came in from behind the door. Cassidy!
Instantly I got to my feet and turned around. When I stood she was already there, right in front of me. What is she doing here? Did Dawn invite her? I had no idea, but that didn't matter , she was already there at my wedding and came to see me.
"Cassidy! What are you doing here?"
"Look at you Newbie. You look so handsome in your tux."
"Cassidy, why are you here? Did Dawn invite you?"
"Dawn, every time I hear that name I just wanna, I just wanna..." Cassidy's body stiffed up and she looked like she was holding back anger built up inside her. Soon her face relaxed and she looked back up at me, smiling. "If we hadn't broken up when we did, this would be our wedding."
"Cassidy, no. We were over a long time ago."
"Newbie don't say that. We love each other." Cassidy started to lean towards me, her lips puckered up; she wanted to kiss. I quickly backed away, my arms blocking her from coming any closer.
"CASSIDY! What are you doing?"
"Newbie? What's wrong? It's her isn't it?" Cassidy said the last part as if she tasted something bitter. "I knew she was no good. Look what she has done to us, Newbie. She's tricked you into thinking you love her and torn us apart."
"No! Just, no! Cassidy, Dawn is the woman I love, the woman I'm gonna marry today. Me and you, we have nothing, that was the past. I don't love you and it's time you move on, too."
Cassidy's face saddened at my words and I couldn't help feel somewhat guilty, but I couldn't just stand there and make Cassidy think I still had feelings for her. I had to be firm, even if it means some broken hearts.
"Newbie-" Cassidy was just about to speak when the door opened and my mom walked inside.
"Newbie what is taking you so long?"
"Sorry, mom. I-"
"We were just chatting. I came to wish Newbie good luck." Cassidy said, looking at my mom.
"Sorry to take your time," Cassidy said, looking from my mom to me. She then turned and walked out the room. My mom watched her leave then gave me a confused a look.
"Newbie, should Dawn worry?"
I looked away and said, "No mom. No need for anyone to worry. Just saying our goodbyes and wishing each other luck in life."
"Well, then are you ready for your wedding?"
I looked at her and smiled brightly, "You bet."
My mom took my waist and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and together we walked out the room to awaiting wedding guests.

**Dawn's P.O.V**
I walked back and forth in the room nervously, my eyes never leaving the floor besides to check the clock and the door.
"Where is he?"
"I don't know, Dawn, I don't know. Why don't you have one of your other brothers walk you?"
"Because they won't be able to make it until after the ceremony starts. But if this guy doesn't show up, then I'll have no one to walk me down the aisle. I'm a nervous wreck right now, Addy. Please tell me what to do."
Addy grabbed my hand pulled me to the mirror. "Look at yourself Dawn. Do you know what I see. I see a beautiful bride who will have a beautiful wedding. It doesn't matter if no one gives you away because all that matters is that you have a man that loves you, and he will be waiting for his bride to come down that aisle with or without someone by her side."
For the first time since that call from my brother, I smiled. She was right, all that matters is that Newbie and I love each other. "Thank you, Addy."
"No problem. Now I'm gonna head out and meet the bridesmaids before the wedding starts. See you out there in a few?"
"Yeah," I said, smiling.
Addy left, and I just stood there for a few minutes. I wanted some alone time before the wedding. It wasn't even 5 minutes after Addy left that my door opened again. I didn't bother looking up, assuming it was one of the bridesmaids coming to get me for the wedding, but the steps didn't sound like heels on carpet. Groomsmen? 
A shiver went down my spine as if sudden gotten cold in the room. I wanted to run when the first name popped in the head. Wei? No it couldn't be, he's dead. My heart stopped when a familiar voice spoke.
"You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding gown."
I spun around quickly and was faced with a man I used to love. He smiled and for a second there was complete silence.
"Lerk?!" I manage to choke out. I was still in shock at seeing him. It had been so long since we last seen each other.
It had been long, too long, and I missed him so much. "LERK!" I threw myself at him, giving him a hug so tight that it'll kill an ordinary man, but not Lerk; he's no ordinary man, he's a vampire? I quickly pulled away from him and stair at his glowing eyes and pale skin. He's a vampire?
"Lerk what happened? Why are you a vampire? Why are you here now and-", I slapped Lerk in the face, but it didn't seem to hurt him one bit, "Why did you leave? You can't just up and leave like that. You hurt me Lerk and you just left me like that and disappear for a few years. WHY?!"
Lerk gently rubbed his cheek as if that weak slap of mine did hurt him, which he only did to make me feel better. "I guess I deserve the slap. Look let me start first by telling you why I'm here. Dean sent me, to walk you down the aisle."
"Okay. Then what about my other questions? Why did you leave? And why are you a vampire? I thought you were human last time I seen you."
"Well the vampire cure was still in testing and I offered to be the g and I guess it wasn't strong enough and I changed back..... And for me leaving, well I had to leave. I couldn't stay in Hidden Springs and watch the woman I love start a life with another man. I needed to move on and I only came back because I have moved on, Dawn I met someone and I wanted you to meet her, because your opinion is everything to me."
I smiled on the inside and out. Everything Lerk has said made me want to cry happy tears. I had been feeling a bit of guilt about being with Newbie when Lerk still loved me and now all is well and we both can move on and start new lives and be happy.
"Lerk thank you."
I wanted to thank him for everything: thank him for being in my challenge, protecting me from the evil that was Wei, thank him for loving me when I loved him, thank him for the kids he gave me, consoling me when I had lost my son and he found me in the park, thank him for leaving me that day and opening my eyes and making me finally realize who is the man I truly loved, and thank him for being here today to walk me down that aisle. My brother knew what he was doing when he sent Lerk to that dressing room. Even though I didn't say any of this he knew exactly what I was thanking him for.
Lerk smiled and nodded as he lifted up his left arm, and offered it to me. I grabbed my flowers on the table, then gently wrapped my arm around his. We smiled once more to each other before walking out the room.

**Third Person P.O.V.**
The music began to play and last minute guests quickly took their seats. Two little girls were the first ones to walk down the aisle. Everyone said awe when they saw the flower girls toddle their way down the aisle.The two girls by the names of Lyuba and Lyuka, smiled and giggled happily at the people they passed.
(If you haven't read the post I linked you before the beginning of this chapter, these two girls are Dawn's daughters from Logan Fey's 100 Baby Challenge)
Not far behind the girls was the ring bearer, Deacon Turner. Deacon flashed a smile at everyone he passed past. He seemed to like that all eyes were currently on him, and he loved the spot light.
(Deacon Turner is the grandson of Dawn, and fellow challenge mom, Violet Newbie. He is also part of Violet Newbie's legacy which you can read here)
Following behind Deacon was the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Leading them was the maid of honor, Addy McKnight, and Best Man, Newbie's  brother Quinn. Then following them was Salline Trish and Logan Fey, Violet and Ashley Lemi, Ashby and Asher Lemi, Calista Smith and Adam Cohan, and Della and Adam Langley.
The women lined up on the right side of the arch, while the men lined up right behind the ring bearer on the left side. The two flowers girls were too young and restless to stand up there with the bridesmaids so they sat with a few family members.
Then the music changed to here comes the bride and Dawn turned the corner and looked down the aisle at all the people that now standing. She took a deep breath and smiled.
Lerk stepped up beside her and she grabbed his right arm. Then slowly Lerk led Dawn to the arch to her awaiting groom.
Newbie stood there stunned, he was amazed at how beautiful Dawn looked in her lavender colored dress and hair down in curls. He barely noticed that Lerk was the one giving her away.
As Dawn approached him and Lerk let her go, she couldn't stop smiling. There he was, the man she loved and soon to be husband starring back at her, she couldn't be more happy. Newbie also couldn't control his smile. For nearly a minute they stood in silence, starring the the person in front of them.
The wedding continued and when it was time for vows, Deacon stepped up and offered the rings that sat neatly on the silk pillow. Dawn grabbed the ring from the pillow and held it up, and said her vows.
"Newbie you have always been my best friend, ever since the first day I met you. Even though we were just friends towards the beginning of my challenge, I always knew we were gonna be together forever, protecting each other from heartbreak and giving each other a reason to laugh. Have I always loved you? Yes, but that love was nothing more then the love you give a friend. But now I love you more then just a friend. Your my soul mate, my forever. I don't know know why it took me so long to see that the perfect man has always been right here beside me. I was to blind to see it, but I see you now and I'm not letting my one chance of happiness escape my grasp. I love you."
Dawn slipped the ring on Newbie's finger, then he leaned over and grabbed the other ring. He inhaled a deep breath and sighed before finally saying his vows.
"Dawn. When I first heard that name I was like, she'll have the coolest name ever if she had my surname. It was only a simple joke in my mind then, but now her taking my surname as her own and agreeing to be my wife is no joke. I never imagined that one day she'd be my wife, I hadn't realized I was in love with her until I went ring shopping with Lerk and I couldn't get rid of this little green monster on my back. I was jealous and I didn't understand it. She was all I thought about whenever I wasn't with her. I somehow always knew I loved her but I didn't want to admit it because she was taken. But one day Addy told me that Dawn was in love with me, then she lied and said Dawn decided to date other people, which forced me to confront Dawn and tell her my feelings. And I thank Addy because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be standing here getting married to the woman that filled my life with joy. And I love you to mom," Newbie added, causing a few giggles and laughs from the audience, "I love you Dawn and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."
Newbie then slid the ring on Dawn's finger.
They smiled and shared another moment of silence before they were finally pronounced man and wife.
Then they shared their first kiss under the light of the moon and the witness of their friends and family. Everyone cheered for the newly married couple and even a few tears escaped a couple people's eyes.
Newbie looked at his new wife, Dawn, and knew that he was gonna live the rest of his life as a happy man.
Dawn felt the same way, but she couldn't stopped the few tears inside her from pouring out and down her cheeks. Newbie used his thumb to whip the tears away and then leaned in for another kiss.
Congratulations to the happy couple!
I hope you enjoyed it cause the wedding is not over. Stay tune because I will be posting a chapter with the reception where you will see all the guests. You can see Lerk's special girl, see how her brother and their family is going, see two people meet for the first time (Could it be love? Maybe!), and maybe meet some of Dawn's family you haven't met yet. ;)


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    1. I know! They are way too cute! :D
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