Sunday, January 5, 2014

Generation 2, Chapter 3: Comfort in an Old Friend

Several things have changed in the last few months since my date with Brock and the death of our cat, Storm. For one my mom found out she was pregnant again when she realized she was growing a belly at a fast pace. It came as a shock to us all, especially since she had no morning sickness. They said they didn't plan this child but I think they did.

The months before Prom was nerve wrecking; I mean I had to pick out the perfect shoes and dress, and make sure my hair and make up was flawless. I was going with Brock, the cutest boy in school; I must look my best.

The morning of the big day I spent most of my time in the bathroom, but doing what you would think. I was getting ready. My mom was a huge help with the hair and make up. I don't think I would be able to do this all alone.

My father wasn't too happy that I was going out with a boy. He kept a close on him when he came to pick me up, but after grilling him questions we finally got to leave. We didn't go straight to the school though, we went to his house, cause apparently his parents were dying to meet me.

When we walked in his father was the first person we saw.

It amazed me how much Brock looked like his dad, besides the fact he has green eyes; he must get those from his mother. As we walked into the house he was already there by the door, ready to greet me.

"Hello Ms. Starr," He smiling, taking my hand in his to shake.

I smiled back at the man, shaking his hand. "Hello Mr. Baxter. Nice to meet you.

"You too my dear," He said. "My wife has been looking forward to meeting you for a while now." He turned his head and called out to her. "HONEY! She's here!" He yelled.

Soon the sound of heels on hard wood floor was heard coming around the corner.

As the woman turned the corner the first thing I saw was the colors, the tattoos. She was not what I expected his mother to look like. She was...

"Oh my gosh, look at her! Brock, she's so cute! I must get a picture of you two, pronto!"


We stayed at Brock's house for a good half hour taking pictures. They were constant, it was like each picture had a new flaw and a new one needed to be taken. She must have taken close to 100, but I could be over exaggerating.

Brock had a license which is like so totally cool, and he drove us to the dance after leaving his place. You should have seen the looks we got. I was definitely hated by a lot of girls because of this....awesome.

Brock was so sweet and opened the car door for me and held my hand as we walked inside the building. We were instantly blinded by bright lights and colors, and music loud enough to pop and eardrum but it was great. The place was so lively.

Brock then pulled my hand and led me to the dance floor, where he took me by the waist and held me close. His eyes were so enchanting and I wouldn't take my eyes off them.

I was so lost in Brock's eyes I haven't notice we already started moving and I ended up tripping on my feet and screwing everything up. I felt so embarrassed because I stepped on his feet, which I know must hurt since I have heels.

But Brock was sweet and he laughed it off. He took my hands again and began to lead me around the dance floor, helping me with my steps so I wouldn't embarrass myself again.

After a dance or two and mingling with a few friends we decided to get out of the stuffy building. The cool air felt so nice against my skin after being crowded in a hot room full of teenagers.

Brock lead me out of the building and towards the school's park where most of the student hung out during lunch hours. But it was nice and empty when we got there so we had to whole place to ourselves.

"I'm so glad you asked me to the dance Brock, out of all the other girls that would have died to come with you," I said, smiling and hiding my face from Brock. I didn't really want him to see me blush about it.

"Well none of them compare to you, Laura-Jayne. You're a true beauty," He smiled, causing me to blush more.

He must have seen my redden face cause he got up from his seat on the swing and reached for my hand; I took it and he pulled me up and I was instantly brought to his chest. He held me close as he smiled into my eyes and leaned in for a kiss, which I gladly took.

It was a amazing kiss, but it seemed off. It wasn't like before when he kissed me on our first date. I began to pull again from him, only to be pulled back and his hand touching my bottom.

I gasp and shoved him away. What was he doing?

"What the heck Brock!?" I said in shock.

"Come on baby, you want some of this"

My face redden from his response and I backed away. "I don't know what kind of girl you think I am, but I'm definitely not that kind."

"So you mean this was all for nothing?" he said, his face going from a smile to an irritated from.

My face dropped as he said this and I wanted to cry. Was this why he asked me out? He just wanted to use me.

I turned my hear and bolting out of the school yard.

"Where you going?!" He yelled after me.

"Away from you! I'll find my own way home," I yelled back, turning onto the sidewalk and running until I couldn't run no more.

I ran a good couple blocks until I had to stop.  It was chilly and running in heels is hard. I wrapped my arms around myself and began to walk, feeling the tears stinging my eyes and falling down my cheeks.

I never paid any attention to where I was going but I found a fence and I fell to the ground to lean against it. My legs were tired and I didn't have the energy to walk anymore. A rest was in order for me.

I brought my knees to my chest and dropped my head on them and letting tears and mascara stain them.

I just wanted to be alone but seemed that wasn't happening. I heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards me.

They stopped just short of a few feet from where I sat and I didn't dare look to see who it was. What if it's Brock looking for me, or an anger person telling me to not lean on his property.

"Lil Jay?" The man asked and my head quickly looked up.

I got to my feet and I looked wide eyed at the boy in front of me. Only one person ever called my Lil Jay and now he was right here in front of me.

"Jimmy?!" I said in shock. "I thought you we at college?"

He smiled. "I just graduated a few days ago, so I moved back home." He stopped and looked to me with concern. "Lil Jay are you crying?"

He swung his legs over the fence to get on the other side by me. I instantly ran into his arms and began to cry. He didn't question it and held me tightly, stroking my hair.

"There, there, it's okay."

It was so great to see my old friend again after not seeing him for years; THAT and after everything that happened with Brock I was a wreck. I wanted to cry all over again, and it seemed Jimmy didn't mind the tearful reunion.

He walked me back into his yard and we sat by a pile of hey. I went on telling him everything that happened with Brock, and Jimmy listened to every word I had to say and gave me the comfort I need, along with a ride home later that night.


I'm sooooooo sorry for not updating this blog for like... almost a year.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
I'll try and do better, I swear. I'm trying to get back into the sim story writing groove. Hopeless a chapter will be coming your way in LESS then a year. xP

Jimmy is back!!! Yay! If you don't know who that is, it's the little boy LJ hung out with as a kid and toddler. ^^
Anyways I hope you guys like this chapter and excuse my bad writing, it's been a while since I wrote anything. xP


  1. wonderful chapter. I'm heartbroken that that boy broke my grand-daughter's heart, but that Jimmy...he is a good egg. I can't wait for more.

    Ashby AKA Jen

    1. Should have seen it coming considering who his mother is. >.> But don't worry Jimmy will take care of him. ^^

      Thanks. ^^ Hope to write a new one soon. :D

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE... Stupid boy but thank goodness for Jimmy <3

    1. Yes, thank goodness. LJ needed a friend. ^^

      Thanks <3

  3. Yay you're back!

    LJ is so pretty. I hope Jimmy is good for her.

    1. Yes, I am. ^w^ Sorry about that huge chapter delay.

      Thank you and he is. ^^

  4. Well there's the villain of the story, every story needs one and he is just, BOOOO to Brock LOL

  5. I love this. When is the next chapter coming xx