Monday, September 10, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 8: Expanding the Family

To start of this chapter I would like to announce that Dawn and Newbie's Kiss from my 100 Baby Challenge won Most Memorable Moment in the 100 Baby Challenge Awards. I would like to thank any of you that voted, and now I bring to you all chapter 8. Enjoy!


In the week that Newbie and I came back from our honeymoon I couldn't take my mind of the fact that Maribel could be my sister. At first I did nothing and just thought up all these reasons why I shouldn't just hop in a car and go to Starlight Shores and find her, but another part of me is wondering if that accidental meet was meant to happen and I was suppose to find my sister. But I couldn't just up leave like that, so about 5 days since we got back I started going through my parents old things I kept in the attic, hoping that I could find anything that can prove that Maribel is my sister, or least a lead me to finding her at all.
"Dawn? Are you in here again?" Newbie's voice was soft as not to scare me, but I knew he would show up here eventually. The last few days Newbie has caught me in the attic in the early hours of the morning.
 "I'm so close Newbie I can feel it. I just got to keep looking and not give up."
"Dawn you looked through everything more then once, there's no where else to look."
 I got up from my dad's old trunk and approached Newbie by the door. "There may not be anymore here but there's a whole world out there and there's a hall of records and a library. I'm not giving up."
 "Well if this is that important to you then I'm behind you 100%. I have work right now but right after work I'll try and help you in any way that I can. Alright?" I smiled as Newbie finished his sentence and stroked my cheek with his right hand. He's so wonderful.
 Grabbing my hands and swinging it back and forth, Newbie says, "You gonna be alright?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine. I think I'll head to city hall to check our the hall of records, maybe I can find any adoptions records under my parents name.
Newbie's carpool arrived and I watched from the second floor hall window as he ran to the car where his co workers are waving to him and shouting for him to hurry up.
 As they drove off I walked back to my room, changed out of my sleeping clothes, and put on something more decent, then I grabbed my car keys and headed into town.
 Walking up the steps to city hall I heard a familiar voice call out my name. I took a quick glance behind me and saw that it was Addy running full speed towards my direction.
"Addy? Oh, hey Addy."
 "Hey, Dawn it's funny running into you in town. When did you get back from your honeymoon?"
"Oh a week ago."
"A week ago? How come you haven't called? I mean I am your best friend here."
"Sorry I've been distracted this passed week."
"Distracted? Ooooooh, I get it. The honeymoon is still not over yet."
 Addy gave me a quick wink and my face turned red, "No, no, no. Not that Addy. I mean that I think I ran into my sister at the Starlight Shores airport when we got back from Waikiki Island."
"What! Really? How? I mean how could she be your sister?"
"She looks just like me but with fuller lips, she looks like my grandma Belle, you know the one member of my family I look like the most. Plus she has my mom's brown and red hair. It's her, I know it. That's why I'm here at city hall. I'm gonna see if I can find anything that'll prove that she's my sister in the hall of records."
"That's crazy, I mean you could actually be that close to finding your sister. Can I come along?"
"Yea, I need all the help I can get."
We looked but came up empty handed. We looked through every adoption record in Sunset Valley and every nearby town in the year that my sister was born. It looked as if luck was definitely not on my side. But I'm not gonna have this one small misstep get me down, no, I'm not giving up until I find something.
After all the hard searching we did, I treated Addy with dinner at the bistro. We have spent nearly an entire day looking and hadn't eaten once. We quickly grabbed a bite to eat and I invited her back to my place to hang out.
Addy had some fans that wanted to get her autograph first, so she signed a few napkins and then we made our way back to my place.
The drive home was filled with nothing but Addy and I talking about other ways we could find out about adoptions. We could drive to Sunset Valley and check out the record hall there, they're bound to have records there that Hidden Springs didn't have, since the adoption took place in Sunset Valley.
I pulled into the driveway and we entered the house through the back. We entered into a house of silence. The entire first floor was deserted with no signs of Newbie anywhere. I skipped up the steps with Addy not far behind me and checked out our bedroom. Nope, no Newbie. We then walked down the hall and began to hear some noises coming from my art studio.
 I grabbed the door knob and twisted it open, only to reveal Newbie playing with four little kittens that I never seen before.
 "Newbie? W-where did all these kitten come from?" I asked, scratched my head in confusion.
Looking up at me, Newbie smiled and said, "Opal had babies."
 Addy let out a big squeal and ran other to scoop up one of the kittens. "Awe Dawn!!! I must have one. Can I have this little guy?"
Looking from Newbie to Addy I said, "Yeah," I then looked back at Newbie and said, "I didn't even know she was pregnant."
"I guess she hides it well," Newbie said, chuckling.
An hour later we were all downstairs in the kitchen. Newbie got online and placed an ad on facebook for anyone that wanted a kitten. Addy was all around, chasing the little kitten she claimed earlier. I stood off to the side and paid no attention to what Newbie or Addy was doing, I still thought about the fact I have gotten no where with finding out who my long lost sister was or where she is.
"There was nothing there Newbie, I mean absolutely nothing. We even went to the library and used the computer. I don't know where to go from here."
 Newbie finished typing whatever it was he was typing, finishing touches to the ad, and turned to look at me. I had walked over and leaned against the desk, staring at nothing in particular.
"Don't worry Dawn, we'll find her. I promise." I signed and Newbie began to talk again, "Look I might have a friend that knows someone that's a detective. Maybe I can call him up and-"
Newbie was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the door bell. I looked over at him and once I got the okay he's finished talking look I got up and went to go answer the door.
 I got a flash of red in the corner of my eye and once I got closer to the door I saw the face of the woman from Starlight Shores.
I quickly opened the door and she looked at me, surprised at how fast the door had come open.
"Hello?" I said, looking at her with questioning eyes.
She hesitated at first but then said,"Dawn Turner? I'm Maribel, remember me from last week from Starlight Shores? I, um, I'm your sister."
I knew it!!

to be continued...

I would like to welcome the newest additions to the Starr family. Meet Cherry, Smokey, Bloo and Mellow. ^_^
Wanted to let you know that Addy actually did claim Smokey as her own, and Logan claimed Cherry. But I still have Bloo and Mellow, both boys, so if any of you them let me know. ^_^ This will be the only litter from Opal and Storm since they were kittens from cats made by other simmers. But I make kitties too so maybe Dawn and Newbie will get new cats and make more kittens. :D
(all kittens have been claimed)


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