Saturday, June 30, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 3: Say Yes to the Dress

When I brought Opal home she instantly explored her new surroundings: checking every corner, sniffing every crack, and investigating every exit. Once she decided that the place was too her likely she made herself at home.
Opal was my little baby, my precious princess and she gets everything she wants. I treat her as if she was my child, and she is since I currently have no babies. I love her so very much and it was obvious from the day I first met her that she loves me too.
 After getting ready for my day out with the girls I walked downstairs for a little something to eat. There I was ambushed by Opal. She leaped into my arms and started purring and rubbing her head against my cheek. I laughed as I began to stroke her fur.
 "Awe does my Opal want some attention?" I asked as I lift Opal up in the air. She just meowed and I laughed again before placing her back on the ground.
 I turned to head into the kitchen when Newbie walked in. "You haven't left yet? I thought you wanted to get there early before the good dresses were taken?"
 "The girls will be here any minute. I just wanted to get something to eat first."
"Oh, okay. Have you decided on what kind of dress your gonna wear?"
"Sorry bud your gonna have to wait until your wedding day to find that out." Out of know where I hear Addy's voice call out from the doorway.
 I turned around and spot Addy and Love. They both waved and Addy said, "Come on Dawnie it's time to go. The dress shop opens in 20 minutes and we want to be the first ones there."
"Yeah, before the good dresses are taken. This is the biggest wedding dress sale of the year so you know there'll be bridezillas there," Love added.
 "But I haven't eaten yet," I pointed out before walking over to the girls.
"We'll pick something up on the way, now let's go."
"Alright I'm coming."
I waved goodbye to Newbie and was out the front door.
 We were the first ones to show up at the shop and not long after we arrived the rest of my bridesmaids showed up. I've decided on a total of 7 bridesmaids for my wedding if you include the maid of honor. There is Salline Trish, Love Sierra, Della Wriner, Violet Newbie, Calista Smith, and Ashby Lemi. Even though Ashby is the mother of the groom I still made her a bridesmaid. She has always been my friend even before I met Newbie, an it wouldn't be right not to include her. My maid of honor is Addy McKnight. I may have not known Addy as long as some of my other friends but she has been my best friend since day one.
 I stepped up in front of the mirror and examined myself. "So, what kind of dress should I wear at my wedding?" I asked the girls.
"How about a ball gown?" Calista suggested. A few of the girls nodded in agreement, so I looked at myself in the mirror again and imagined myself wearing a dress a princess would wear. "A Ball gown huh?"
 "A ball gown would be perfect for you Dawnie. It gives the illusion of curves," Addy said while looking at me in the reflection.
"What? I'm just saying your a little skinny that's all."
I just stick my tongue out at Addy, then I went to go try on the first dress.
 I walked back in wearing the first dress. I heard several of my friends gasp from how beautiful the dress looked, and I have to agree it is beautiful, but is it beautiful on me?
"I love it Dawn," Love said, smiling.
"I don't know. It does show off a little too much skin in the front though," Ashby pointed out.
I looked at the dress again, "Hmm. Maybe your right. There will be kids at the wedding, so the next dress then?"
The second dress was a little heavier then the first. It had a lot more going on, and the bottom was so much larger.
"So what do you think?" I asked as I turned to face my friends.
"I don't know. It seems a little.... much. Don't you think?" Violet said exactly what I was thinking. It was a little much.
 I checked out the dress in the mirror again.
"It's a little heavy too. I don't think I can handle an entire evening wearing this dress."
"Well then let's try the next one," Love ordered.
 10 minutes later I came out with another dress on. This one was just as beautiful as the others, plus it covered more then the first one and it was light weight.
"So?" I asked the girls again.
"Oh my gosh, Dawn, I'm in love with that dress," Della said.
 "Dawn I think that's the one, don't you think guys?" Salline added.
I looked at the dress on me in the mirror- checking it out from every angle, and making sure there was nothing wrong and more importantly, making sure that I love it on me.
 The more I looked at the dress the more I fell in love with it. It fit my figure so well, and it was beautifully designed. I could definitely see myself getting married in this dress.
 "Guys! I think this is the one. This is my dress."
"Dawn, I know my son and he will love this dress on you," Ashby smiled.
"You really think so?"
"I know so."
When I looked at myself again in the mirror, wearing the dress, I got emotional. I was getting married and to the man I love. In less then a month I will formally known as Mrs. Newbie Starr.
 I changed back into my regular clothes and purchased my dress, then I treated my friends to lunch at the bistro. We talked about the upcoming wedding and debated rather I'm gonna have a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. I'm leaning more towards a bridal shower, but that's up to my maid of honor to decide on which I'll be getting.
 After lunch we headed down the road to where a Sim-Fest was being held. There we enjoyed the show, and cheered for our favorite performers.
The day was great and I had a blast hanging with my friends. After such a long day everyone was pooped and ready to head home. I couldn't wait to go home and get some rest. More importantly be with my fiance and find out how his day went.


  1. I love Dawn's dress! It looks beautiful on her :) I still can't wait until the wedding!

    1. Thank you, I love her dress too. :D
      Don't worry the wedding will be happening real soon. :)

  2. Yay, dress shopping looked so fun! I'm glad Calista is a bridesmaid and I can't wait for the wedding!

    ~Calista Smith

    PS: Opal is sooo cute! I'm glad Dawn adopted her. ^_^

    1. Dress shopping was real fun and I had a fun time making it happen too. :D
      I'm glad to have Calista as a bridesmaid; the wedding will be so much fun. :)
      I'm glad to have adopted Opal, I love her so much, thank you. :D

  3. Thank you for having me in the wedding party. I am touched and honored. With every post I am loving the fact that Dawn and my boy are getting married. I loved it before, but..... Just love it.


    1. Thank you, and your welcome. :D It wouldn't be a wedding party without you there and same for the other bridesmaids as well. :)
      I'm loving that Dawn is getting married, and I couldn't have picked a better fiance for her. Newbie is great. Thank you. :)

  4. Saying YES to that dress was the RIGHT answer!
    Great chapter Dawn.

    1. Thank you, and I LOVED that dress. ^_^

  5. Awww I wasnt a bridesmaid :'( and I LOVE Dawns dress


  6. woohoo nice dress..on to the next chapter

  7. Amazing dress <3
    Moving on to Chapter 4!
    ~Skylar ALdrin